ZÜHLKE Makes "Imaginary Me" Our Immediate Reality

Odd Nugget Social-done

ZÜHLKE proclaims victory in "Imaginary Me" with proud potency and dark harmony.

It's all moody magic and musical introspection; soul-searching put to sound.

The best of all... Behind a mask...

A hero's task... To mount a mountain.

The height of heroism is to help at all.


"Get the darkness out of my eyes..."

A brief shot of Oriental blues blends, seamless, with cool-air country guitar at this song's start. Morose melody meets up with wandering rhythm, amalgamating to weighty atmospheric effect.

"Imaginary Me" makes mincemeat of emotion with uplifting power. Drums come in thunderous and punchy against soft, fluid melody, then fall to vibrating bits and pieces beneath a body of tuneful thoughts.

Lyrics let us in on an inner struggle; a war waged with emotional weaponry against the shadows of the soul. The soul suffers setbacks. The soulful set about solving them.

ZÜHLKE sets "Imaginary Me" apart with soul and intention. This track takes aim at our innermost demons and fires in quiet. Arm the cannon with a click of 'play'.

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