Yurrit Says It's "Not Enough"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Dazed lost-love lyrics sweep up and over a field of floating notes in Yurrit's "Not Enough".

If you can't get enough, listen again.

"I can't seem to trust these things..."

Motion moves slowly. You're walking away.

Dissatisfaction dives deep. You're swimming today.

Some good things you can't keep. You'll keep her at bay.

Stay. Not today. You're better off this way.

Odd Nugget S-done

"I can't believe these things that you do..."

Lamplit melody, melodic singing and singing speech spoken to a beat... "Not Enough" has just enough stuff to keep it on replay.

Yurrit sets his trippy flow over an immaterial soundscape. The beat forms firmament beneath clouds of warm synth and sharp stab. Sounds spread unimpeded across an empty expanse, slicing at snares to infinite bits of expression.

Mood marks "Not Enough" in purplish blue. A melancholic hue and a sound to match the view... Lyrics lament the loss of trust and the need to move on as Yurrit strolls kick to hi-hat, pulling pocketfuls of words to leave behind.

This tune epitomizes chillout tracks in a smooth mix of rap and singing. It's lush stuff. Tune in and listen.

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