Yovinand's "Alucinogena" is Basically Drugs


Odd Nugget Social-doneSpirited percussion pounds at party alarm power notes as Yovinand weaves a lyrical tapestry overtop in "Alucinogena".

"Esta noche yo te voy a hacer sudar..."

A thousand lights and a silhouette.

An empty dance floor and a puddle of sweat.

You've met in the middle. The stage is set. Not yet.

Drop your life, your worries... And come forget.

Portada Alucinogena-done

"...Sigue el movimiento..."

"Alucinogena" is choppy pop with a dance floor delivery that's hard to resist. Fusion is the name of its game, with Latin lyrics and expert EDM tricks it takes you on a trip. Stay with us...

There's definite Pitbull panache at play here. Words come fast and furious, falling in with a jumpy, jostling beat. Especially nice are the effects probing 'las palabras'. Each line comes into the song from a new angle, making Yovinand seem omnipresent and multifaceted. True hallucination speak...

Dynamics are a strong ebb and flow in this one. Synthesized stabs slice the mix like white-hot knives and drums glitch against consonant vocals like bullets meeting mirrors. It's controlled chaos.

"Alucinogena" is a hard tune not to like. It's pure party material and a definite dance number in the making. Will you hallucinate? Maybe. Listen and find out.

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