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'Possession of drug paraphernalia' seems like the dumbest accusation in the war on drugs, since any good stoner can turn a rock, a stick, and a rubber band into a workable way to get high.

On the other hand...

Although it'd be tough to find every one of the best stoner rock albums and add them to a single article, the picks below should show you what the genre has to offer.

Douge (Stoner Rock) - D

Douge (Stoner Rock) D song img

Sten Stoned: Guitars

Daniele Tesser: Bass

Alberto Piccolo: Guitar

Tim Norris: Voice

Lucio Bolzonello: Drums

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available on: www.godownrecords.comen-UKdouge-god075.php


Recorded at Godown Studio at Savignano sul Rubicone by Alfredo EPI Gentili













D by Douge (Stoner Rock)

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- Blunt "Blunt" (New Full Album) 2016 Stoner Doom Metal

Blunt "Blunt" (New Full Album) Year: 2016

Country: USA Genres: Stoner Doom Metal


1. Space Dabs 00:00

2. My Four Walls 11:31

3. Bad Trip 21:15

4. Empty 26:28

5. Bake Cruiser 31:35

6. Gold 35:41

7. Open Wound 42:15

Released 11th March 2016

Mutonia - Blood Red Sunset (Album 2014)

Mutonia Blood Red Sunset (Album 2014) song img

All tracks written and performed by MUTONIA.

Mixed by Walter Corneli Mutonia.

Graphics by Matteo De Prosperis.

Blood Red Sunset (Album 2014) by Mutonia

S I N O P T I K - Fields On Fire

S I N O P T I K Fields On Fire song img

"Fields On Fire" is the third studio album by HeavyStonerPsychedeliHardRock band Sinoptik.

We created this album, on the road, in the dust and gold, in sorrow and joy.

This album is for people who are looking for the essence of life.

For real newschool and oldschool rockers, wanderers and creators.

Feel free to share it.

Atrwork by Andrew Vasiliev

YouTube: www.youtube.comusersinoptikband

FB: www.facebook.comSinoptikBand


Fields On Fire by S I N O P T I K

- Colour Haze - Tempel (Full Album) (2006) (Heavy PsychedelicStoner - Rock)

"Colour Haze is a stonerpsychedelic rock group from Munich, Germany, consisting of singer and guitarist Stefan Koglek, drummer Manfred Merwald and bassist Philipp Rasthofer.

Formed in the mid-nineties, Colour Haze is one of the oldest German stoner outfits, and have since then become one of the flagships of the German stoner rock scene. Tours of the band have included headline spots at smaller national and international rock festivals, such as the U.S. festival Emissions from the Monolith in 2006 alongside Orange Goblin, Boris, and General Tso. Local media coverage have included a broadcast of a concert on national television, when Colour Haze appeared at Rockpalast in 2007.

Emerging from a sound heavily influenced by Black Sabbath, Grand Funk Railroad on their first records, they moved away from a heavy to a more melodic sound, e.g. on their album All (2008), as remarked by Denmark's LowCut webzine."

Okan Bozgun said: 'Aquamaria 0:00

Fire 8:47

Mind 14:30Tempel 17:36Gold Silver 26:11Earth 32:45Ozean 36:51Stratofarm 41:20'A Thief In The Night said: 'God, I love this genre. It's almost like reading an amazing book, - it takes you in and entrances you - beautiful.'gatsu said: 'Este album es espectacular.. conoci esta banda por los natas es genial'

Colour Haze - Tempel (Full Album) (2006) (Heavy PsychedelicStoner - Rock) by

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