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Some of the greatest string quartet albums go unnoticed. We've tried to put together a nice batch of the best here for you to peruse. enjoy...

The Darjeelings - The Darjeelings EP

The Darjeelings The Darjeelings EP song img

The Darjeelings debut EP 2012!

The Darjeelings EP by The Darjeelings

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In the Brink by Bergamot Quartet

In the Brink by Bergamot Quartet song img

Bergamot Quartet releases its first full length recording with premieres by Suzanne Farrin, Tania Leon, Paul Wiancko, and Ledah Finck, who is also a violinist in the group. The critically acclaimed quartet merges a refined chamber music sensibility with a versatile and precise approach to contemporary scores, making a valued contribution to the repertoire with works that can be performed by new music specialists and generalized quartets alike.

In the Brink demonstrates an ensemble that is evolving the string quartet idiom from a strong grounding in its well established performance practice. The works included on this debut album from the group highlight their symbiotic playing style along with their versatility in realizing different expressive demands. All four works are heard in their premiere recordings, and represent significant contributions to the string quartet discography that are sure to make their way into the repertoire of other ensembles.

The metaphorical connection between music and textiles proves a fertile source of inspiration for Paul Wianckos Ode on a Broken Loom. Individual notes are like fibers, spun out to create a rich tapestry that takes on structural shape. The interrelationship between voices, or strands of material, is reinforced by imitative... more

In the Brink by Bergamot Quartet

- Milt Jackson - And The Hip String Quartet ( Full Album )

Henri de Lagardère said: '00:00 [1] You Got to Pay When the Deal Goes Down

03:20 [2] The Morning After

06:46 [3] For All We Know

10:07 [4] A Walkin' Thing

15:29 [5] In Walked Bud

18:58 [6] A Little Too Much

22:37 [7] Bags and Strings

25:59 [8] New Rhumba

Thanks, an album I hadn't known before. Great to hear [5] [8] in new arrangements.'

IntlPublications said: 'Arrangement, sound, and melody wise there are certain similarities to the German Sesame Street title song "Der, die, das!" by Ingfried Hoffmann. This sound travelled all over to Germany and made little children swing.'

Eduardo Olivares said: 'Pure joy. '

Milt Jackson - And The Hip String Quartet ( Full Album ) by

Alvin Singleton: Four String Quartets by Momenta Quartet

Alvin Singleton: Four String Quartets by Momenta Quartet song img

Alvin Singletons (b. 1940) approach to music-making has all along been involved in an interplay with listeners and their psychology. While this does not mean he has been centered on simply pleasing his audiences, his work seems to constantly draw his audience into confronting challenges of listening, and they tend to end up pleased. Therefore, with so many of his pieces, they might be extremely complex and masterfully crafted, but seldom do you feel he presents the listener with something they cannot understand on at least a basic level. When asked recently about why ordinary listeners seem to get his music, he answered: Perhaps because its structurally filled with surprises, a lot of silences, and spaces in my compositions.

Contrasts both big and small, long and short, vigorous and subdued, loud and quiet, are important to his music. Maybe a passage is presented that happens loudly over and over again followed by sudden silence. Suddenly the listener notices how loud that silence seems. In a way, it is the relationship with the listener that he regards as making serious music a serious matter. And his pieces are more than what is normally thought of as just pieces of music. One finds them that, yes, but as much as anything, they are experiencesalmost theatrical experiences you... more

Alvin Singleton: Four String Quartets by Momenta Quartet

Slow Meadow - We're Losing the Moon Single

We're Losing the Moon Single by Slow Meadow song img

Mỹ Lai by Kronos Quartet, Rinde Eckert, Vân-Ánh Vanessa Võ

Mỹ Lai by Kronos Quartet, Rinde Eckert, Vân-Ánh Vanessa Võ song img

On March 16, 1968, the United States Army killed over 500 unarmed civilians in the hamlet of Mỹ Lai, Vietnam. The unimaginable brutality of the event impacted all those who witnessed it firsthand, including helicopter pilot Hugh Thompson, who, against orders, intervened to save Vietnamese lives. Thompsons story is the basis of the opera Mỹ Lai, composed by Jonathan Berger (music) and Harriet Scott Chessman (libretto) for Kronos Quartet, Vietnamese multi-instrumentalist Vân-Anh Vanessa Võ, and vocalist Rinde Eckert. This definitive recording of Mỹ Lai captures the visceral, phantasmal depictions of Thompsons grief, horror, and guilt as he is haunted by persistent memories of that cataclysmic day, half a world and nearly four decades away. Tense and unforgiving, Mỹ Lai is a gripping affair, beginning to end (New York Times). Presented here alongside recollections by Vietnamese survivor Trần Văn Đức, it is a memorial to all the Mỹ Lai villagers killed on that grim day.

Mỹ Lai by Kronos Quartet, Rinde Eckert, Vân-Ánh Vanessa Võ

kronosquartet - Kronos' Fifty for the Future mix

kronosquartet Kronos' Fifty for the Future mix song img

You can learn to play these songs! Scores and parts, as well as companion materials like training videos, performance notes and composer interviews, are available for free on our website: kronosquartet.orgfifty-for-the-futurecomposers

These new works for string quartet are part of "Fifty for the Future: The Kronos Learning Repertoire," an education initiative developed by Kronos Quartet and their nonprofit, the Kronos Performing Arts Association, with the support of Carnegie Hall and 22 other partner organizations. Kronos is commissioning 50 new works (five by women and five by men, each year for five years) that are designed expressly for the training of students and emerging professionals in the skills required for the performance of 21st-century repertoire. The initial five works were released in April of 2016, with five additional works following biannually through the Fall of 2020. To learn more about this program listen to the NPR story: www.npr.orgsectionsdeceptivec-you-how-to-play-it or visit our website: kronosquartet.orgfifty-for-the-futureabout. Thank you for listening!

Kronos' Fifty for the Future mix by kronosquartet

- Bruch: Complete String Quartets (Full Album)

Frans Meersman said: 'I did not known them but these quartets are sublime! Why in heaven's name are they not more famous?'

Rudy Nyhoff said: 'What an amazing discovery for me. I'm a classical music lover but was unaware of Bruch's string quartets. Thank you for sharing.'

Richard Cleveland said: 'What a wonderful discovery! I'm like most people in that I'm only familiar with Bruch's violin concerto and Scottish Fantasy, so to find and hear these quartets was eye-opening. Hearing them made me want to explore more of Bruch's work. Thank you so much, you Brilliant Classic, you!'

Bruch: Complete String Quartets (Full Album) by

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