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Some of the greatest chillwave albums go unnoticed. We've tried to put together a nice batch of the best here for you to peruse. enjoy...

knickknackpadillac - ChillwaveSynthwave

ChillwaveSynthwave by knickknackpadillac song img

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- (FULL ALBUM) Polyphia - Renaissance


Culture Shock :

Light :

Florence :

Nightmare :

Storm :

Bittersweet :

Symmetry :

Ivory :

Paradise :

Amour :

Crush :

Euphoria :

Sybill ans said: ' Culture Shock :

Light :

Florence :

Nightmare :

Storm :

Bittersweet :

Symmetry :

Ivory :

Paradise :

Amour :

Crush :

Euphoria :'

Sacchit Sreenivasan said: 'This sounds like metal with a cheeky, childlike playful vibe to it... Love it!'

Efrayim Levenson said: 'Beautiful stuff! Could you imagine Polyphia and Animals As Leaders in the same concert? You'd have to scrape brains off of walls.'

(FULL ALBUM) Polyphia - Renaissance by

Revo Luutik - My favourite jam is raspberry.

Revo Luutik My favourite jam is raspberry. song img

My favourite jams that I play on the daily.

My favourite jam is raspberry. by Revo Luutik

Insight Music - Insight Music - Saorsa

Insight Music Insight Music - Saorsa song img

Our compilation album 'Saorsa'. Available on digital and physical formats.

Purchase on iTunes here: music.apple.comgbalbumsaorsa

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Artwork by Alice RadfordWho We Are

Established in , Insight Music has been exploring the depths of ambient music, defining genres such as atmospheric, chillwave, cinematic, drone, future garage, soundscape, wave and more.

Providing only the finest in underground electronica.

Have questions? Contact us at insightmusic.co.ukcontact

Insight Music - Saorsa by Insight Music

- Rukirek - Main Secret Of The Universe (Full Album) Ambient, Psychill, Psybient, Chillwave


The Sound Archive:

The Sound Archive :

Rock Blues :


If you have any problem, or question about this upload please write to me in this email dmjgmail.comTracklist:

. Embrace The Universe (:)

. I'm Just A Small Drop In The Ocean Of Eternity (Album Mix) (:)

. What Will Happen If We All Unravel The Main Secret Of The Universe (::Released ..You may like:

Kaya Project - Up from the Dust (Full Album) Downtempo, Ambient, Chillout, World:

Deuter - Atmospheres (Full Album) Ambient, New Age, Healing Meditation, Reiki

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