Yoon Hyup and Bisco Smith's "MIDNIGHTS" exhibition at GR Gallery Paints the Life and Lights of a City at Night

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Exhibition "MIDNIGHTS" is set to feature two artists with curiously intersecting styles. Yoon Hyup and Bisco Smith flesh out the feels of a city after hours in minimalistic abstractions.

Presented by GR Gallery, this exhibition will include multiple paintings and installations, plus a mural and more. Check out GR gallery's site for more information.

Yoon Hyup's carefully created productions distill the sights of the city to their most vital elements.

Dots and lines weave and swivel towards a surprisingly discernible horizon.


Hyup uses paint with motile purpose, causing a myriad of bright colors to course correct towards a null point in the distance.

Like light-refracting drops on a drenched windshield, Yoon's creations conjure feelings of isolated wonder at a world in motion.


Bisco Smith's artwork appears to abstract away the essences of music, speech and street art, combining the three into a single sight.

Hypnotically wraught script serves as score across vertical lines in black and white. The effect is that of bold, yet organic expression.


Bisco's creations cater to a sense of rebellion with raw spray-paint application and calculated intention.

Smith's use of words, unreadable, waves a finger at the conscious mind, demanding thought and reflection through meaningful illegibility.


MIDNIGHTS is sure to be a stunning show worth stopping in for. Give it a look if you're in NY and see some of these artists' work for yourself.

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