Yolanda Be Cool's "Musika" is African EDM Alchemy

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EDM-infused African sounds tribalize the dance-floor in Yolanda Be Cool's fresh track, "Musika."

This track is the sound of Kwanzaa Posse's 1993 original, made-over for modern dancers. There's buildup over breakdown, timbales over techno and harmony all over the house.

All manner of influences converge and the result is undeniably groovy.


Nestled in between two knolls, the lagoon forms a puddle of sky.

Cautiously, you step in. A single ripple calls and responds at water's edge.

Floating, you admire the split in the heavens; sun at your left and moon at your right.


"Techno wasn't designed to be dance music, it was designed to be a futurist statement." - Jeff Mills

The breakdown in "Musika" comes in like the cold of night, hedged in by each choral verse's solar warmth.

Tribal rhythmic elements are arranged at pressure points throughout the song - driving home key shifts with effortless precision.

There's a wealth of arrangement genius on display in the most low-key of ways here. Proper tuning for dance-floor dynamics...

This one's where it's at if body-bumping's what you're after, but it's more than mere mindless dance music. "Musika" is overflowing with nostalgia and welcome foreign presence. Just jump in.

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