Yates Is Ready to Start "Living On The Moon"

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Soft singing to a shimmying rhythm, Yates's "Living On The Moon" lifts off, quick and quiet, to land in the stars.

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Far, far away... Far, far below...

You're far, far above. A cloud, a God, A bird...

Looking for limits in the sky... You've heard...

The sky is as high as you try to go.


"...Telling me the world is in panic..."

An invitation to escape opens "Living On The Moon". It's an emergency exit... Pale tones intone with calm melancholy a rush of wanderlust.

Yates makes the most of the sound with sparse vocals, restrained and crystal in clarity. Wind over water, his voice calls as counterpoint to a chorus of chords.

Particularly pleasing is the percussion at play. The rhythm is simple, yet subtly enhanced. Shakers, snaps and tambourines tap spice over this tune as crunchy guiro strokes elongate in waves, repeating throughout the track. All the while, strumming strings reverberate as surfacing ripples, bound in sway to a rocky shore. It's melody with mobility.

Easy listening lovers will love this. "Living On The Moon" is its own escape; a getaway you can take anytime you listen. So, listen and let go.

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