XOV Comes At Us With "ATARAX"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Awash in iridescent 80's trumpeting synths and trotting to the tap of an exotic beat is XOV's "ATARAX".

Cold, cool, chill and smooth, "ATARAX" is a breeze from overseas.

"No border lines..."

Spinning and kicking, you're a sandstorm.

Gilded hands into golden sand sink. Nails, knuckles, arms and eyes.

You could be anyone... Interred and forgotten, your storm dissolves.

"Jungle of existence."

XOV sounds reverent in "ATARAX", melding mechanical synth sounds and chanted calls in a pool of poetry. This song sounds like a wealth of memories looks. Distant and near and never again...

You can move to a shallow track, but tracks with depth deepen their dance appeal. In "Atarax", XOV has a lot to say and he says it well.

Bleating horns like electric heralds, sparse, shifting rhythms and meaningfully mellow vibes make "ATARAX" out to be a definite dope listen.

For a dance track with rap, rhythm and a little something extra, this one's cup and saucer.

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