XMPLA Sings as the "Sun Goes Down"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Broken beats balance precariously on waves of wobbling synth and voice in XMPLA's "Sun Goes Down".

It's like liquid lounge beats spiced with spoken lyrics.

Turning on a dime...

High time you turned to something new.

Look up. It's watching you. Usurped in slow-mo...

Done in by the moon.


"All those sounds I heard don't stop."

XMPLA splits to multiple personalities in his tracks, splattering supernatural sounds from side to side. "Sun Goes Down" puts such a spin on a standard progression. The effect is melodically extravagant, yet easy to enjoy.

This track plays endless games with itself. Bass phases and splits to pieces. Synths piece themselves together to moon-phased waves. Wow. Sun sets on a wonderful world...

A game of pickup, "Sun Goes Down" seems caught in limbo as notes die out, dissolve, disappear, and rise again. There's a universe of groove going strong in this song.

You don't need much of anything to enjoy this. Headphones and space to slacken your pace... This is dubby chill hop with a wicked wobble you won't want to leave behind. Play and replay.

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