XMPLA, Hudis, Sean X and Sage May Get Mighty "Excited" in Fresh New Tune

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Hype energy with trap appeal chimes, clicks and kicks in XMPLA's new tune "Excited". It's a thrill.

An evolving beat bangs the brain and puts bass in your face in this heavy rotator.

You can barely restrain it.

It can't be contained. A feeling, a movement...

Gone straight to your brain.

Odd Nugget Socia-hecho

"I don't need no reasons why..."

XMPLA teams up with the likes of Hudis, Sean X and Sage May in "Excited," and yes, it's exciting.

Autotuned voices smother the mid's as a boisterous bass line moves, lively. The rhythm shifts harder than a stuck gear as the song picks up steam, sparking and splattering the ears with moist tones. Neon squeals and subterranean drive drop and hoist words as this song whooshes along.


It's easy to catch the vibe of this tune. "Excited" morphs and amasses more energy over its play time, ending on a high note after a series of scorching fast lyrical lines rush by.

This track is a true banger for any rap fanatic. Press play and have a great day.

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