It's World Emoji Day! Let's EMOTE with music. :) 0.0 -_- :-) - #MusicalMonday 9


Emoji replaced words as the ideal form of communication years ago.

Don't believe us? Ask the Egyptians.

This week's #MusicalMonday is as dramatically emotive as side-by-side frowny-face and smiley-face emojis.Brace yourself for an emotional roller coaster of melodies as well as an awesome week! Oh and send someone an emoji. 'Tis the season.

Can you decode our cryptic emoji message?

:) 0.0 -_- :-)

Don't worry, neither can we. Enjoy this playlist instead!

Thanks for tuning in! Check us out on Twitter or something for chrissakes! Aaaand be ODD!


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