Wizard Rose Feed Us the "Forbidden Thing" in Their Ferocious New Tune

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Heavy hits of doom drip over bum-rush rock riotry in Wizard Rose's "Forbidden Thing".

Have a taste. This track will hook you with a single bite.

Bat-eyed and flighty...

It's nighttime and ripe... For picking. For hunting...

For dodging the light.

Odd Nugge–hecho

"Now cast a spell into the night..."

Wizard Rose invoke rock god wrath in "Forbidden Thing," combusting the very airwaves with crazed melodic energy.

"Forbidden Thing" comes out swinging at its offset, throwing weighty riffage and stony drums at our ears with reckless abandon. Every chorus collapses into a sludgey breakdown as bleary, punch-drunk lyrics linger like mace in the air.


This song bucks and brays under the beastly influence of shamanic sorcery. Incantations are cast. Praises a-plenty are sung. Heady heights are attained. Mind your brain.

Brace your soul as this rock really rolls. Classic heavy metal mojo needn't be your bag for this song to suit you, but it certainly doesn't hurt. Have at ye and enjoy.

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