Winston Surfshirt Are Not the "Same Same" in This Sampology Remix


Odd Nugget Social-done

Winston Surfshirt bring an acid jazz sound to modern music - spicing their sounds with techno and funk. But, what comes of dribbling spice over their spice? Fire.

Where the original bounces on bass-driven groove, "Same Same's" remix is flush with rhythmic restyling and hot with chill.

"I got one trick up my sleeve..."

A long walk home drags through this side of town.

Everyone's on the street. Dusk is dawning. The block's come to life.

Two steps into the fray and you're bumping, grinding...

It's not your block, but a party's a party.

"I got one thing on my mind..."

Each of "Same Same's" dips and dives are traipsed out into an endless stumbling grind of a groove. Percussion pieced pleasurably together... The result is as organic as the original, yet delightfully distinct.

This version definitely dips its way deeper into the acid jazz magic hat. It's unearthed a bunny for sure! Liquified basslines let loose all over the beat. Bewitching!

Odd Nugget So-done

With such a varied percussive frame, the pervading house rhythm is a welcome surprise - totally lacing a handful of intermittent drops and punctuated vocals together.

Welcome to a dancer's deep dream.

Winston Surfshirt have all the funk you could ask for, but the Sampology remix injects that teensy bit more. Check it out and start steppin'.

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