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Dogs probably believe that they're 100% successful in protecting their homes from mailmen, cats, leaves blowing in wind, squirrels and other dogs.

But, imagine, if you will...

You don't have to tell anybody if the eerie wind stories and books featured below make you uncomfortable. I'm pretty sure they do that to everyone...


Wattys 2018 Winner Wattpad Featured Story One day, a wind blew into the town of Millstone and didn't stop.

Slowly people moved away.

It was like the town was trying to clear itself out, as though it was preparing for something sinister.

When a strange man moves into town and purchases the old abandoned farmhouse on Clay Road, Harper suspects he might be up to something.

As Harper and his best friend Jeremey investigate the man's activities, they end up discovering some frightening truths about their town, the newcomer, and the wind itself.

But getting close to the truth comes with risks, and they soon find themselves in danger not only of the stranger on Clay Road, but also the dark forces within Millstone that have remained silent for too long.

AWARDS 2nd Place in Horror, The Chaos Awards (April 2018) 3rd Place in HorrorParanormal, The Literally Lit Literature Awards (May 2018) 2nd Place in HorrorParanormal, The Blossom Awards (June 2018) 2nd Place in HorrorParanormal, The Psychedelic Awards (July 2018) 3rd place overall and best grammar, The X-Factor Awards Season 2 (August 2018) 1st place in Horror, The Hidden Gem Awards 2018 (September 2018) The Wattys 2018 Storysmiths Winner (October 2018) 1st Place in HorrorParanormal, ILoveAwards (May 2019)

Wind on Wattpad

"Boys are stinky and you can't get up here with us" little Molly and her friends taunted her brother from the bouncy castle that was swaying in the strong winds

He merely smiled, took his penknife from his pocket and cut through the ropes that were tethering it down...

Posted on Reddit by hodgetiger.

She smiled as the warm wind blew against her face.

You could still see it even after she hit the ground.

Posted on Reddit by doubt63.


Manipulating wind to make herself fly is all fun and games until she has to protect gifted children from the dark spirits of their dead parents.

Aria was only nineteen and had just been a victim of her boyfriend's cheating scandal when she was thrown on Dante and Isaiah Wilson's doorstep.

Dante was a single father, and Isaiah was a little boy struggling with his newly discovered abilities in secret.

Her job of protecting them from the lurking evil spirit is easy until feelings become intertwined with her task and complicate everything.

What's she going to do when Dante refuses to let her in? And what's Dante going to do when he finds out what she really is? But, most importantly, what's Isaiah going to do when he finds out the spirit of the dead mother he never knew is after him and his abilities?

Tempest on Wattpad

My tiny matrix glitch on a winding back road in the New England fall

I just found this sub so Im only now bringing it up. I was leaving my then boyfriends, around august 2021. It was a drive through rural New England back to my house, a drive I had taken many times. I was on a big, long stretch of backroad that was set at 50mph, down to 40 in some winding spots. I had been stuck behind this silver Subaru with a license plate, something x and a 20, a coexist sticker in the right corner, and they were moving at TURTLE speed. Since the road was mostly vacant I waited for a safe, clear opportunity to pass them and zoomed on by. I got up to about 65 or so (yes Im bad) and wound through for another 7-10 minutes. Suddenly I rounded a corner and a silver Subaru with a license plate x blah blah 20 and that same purple coexist sticker was directly in front of me crawling along. I slammed on my breaks to be a reasonably safe distance behind them. I was so #&@$ing confused. Had they taken a backroad? I didnt see a single turnoff since I passed them. How had they gotten in front of me going so slow? I was baffled. It was the EXACT same car, I was sure of it. I rode behind them in shock the rest of the road until they took a mysterious turn down an unmarked dirt road and then I sped home. Thats basically it. Thats my story. Maybe it was two RIDICULOUSLY similar cars, maybe my video game glitched. Most confusing moment of my life.

Posted on Reddit by drowningjesusfish.

With the little light I had, I saw the trees swaying left and right in the wind.

It wasnt until they started moving up and down that I realized they werent what I thought they were.

Posted on Reddit by Buckaroonie69.

Frankenstein's Guide (Book 1, the LiteraTours Cozy Mystery Series)

Jessica "Ike" Wordsworth can dive into books, but she isn't prepared for a monster - and a ruthless murderer killing her tourists.

Ike is fighting the aftermath of a nasty divorce that left her husband in custody of her homesitting business - and her beloved cats.

With nothing but a turquoise construction trailer to call her home, Ike invests her last quid and becomes partner in a tour company specialising in bespoke trips for book-lovers.

When the guide hired to take on the first tour drops out at the last minute, Ike has to take over and steer her guests towards the cradle of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein".

All to soon she realises there truly are monsters on the loose, one of them a ruthless killer who's targetting her tourists.

To unearth the truth, Ike will have to cooperate with her moronic partner, Gary Sands, 13th Baron of Nettlehole and founder of LiteraTours.

When they don't succeed in stopping the killer, she realises she'll have to take the plunge and draw on some rather unusual skills her family has been hiding from the world .

. "Frankenstein's Guide" is the first instalment in the "LiteraTours Cozy Mystery series". [[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]

Frankenstein's Guide (Book 1, the LiteraTours Cozy Mystery Series) on Wattpad

haunted wind chimes?

Ive experienced several ghostly things that I cant logically explain away in my childhood home. I think this one is my favorite.

I had some decorative wind chimes hanging from the ceiling in my room. When I was maybe 16 or so, I began to notice them chiming randomly. There was no rhyme or reason to it-the chiming didnt sync up with my ceiling fan, the central AC kicking on or off, or the wind outside. It didnt make sense, but my mind never went to anything paranormal.

I told my older brother about it one day to see if he had any ideas on why it could be happening, because it was starting to annoy me. He didnt have any explanation, either.

A few days later, as I was trying to sleep, the chimes moved frequently. Like, at least once a minute. It was midnight, I was tired, and Id had it. I stood on my bed, took down the chimes, and laid them flat on the floor on the other side of my room. That was that, and I finally was able to fall asleep.

The next morning, I go downstairs and meet my brother in the living room. He tells me, I see what you mean about the chimes.

I asked him what he was talking about. He said that when he went up to bed the previous night, he heard my chimes going crazy. I then asked him what time he went to bed, and he said, Around 2.

Posted on Reddit by CEMar96.

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