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Wind gusts over your rooftop are one thing, but howling voices carried on air in the night are another entirely.

Considering that...

Some of the wind stories that follow are bizarre enough to give you goosebumps. Consider yourself warned!

The Fifth Element

No one has ever conjured the fifth element before but now someone has..

but why? In this adventurous short story, a fantastical world of magick is explored as is the personas of nature itself.

Will you be the one to conjure the fifth element..

would you dare to find out? All rights reserved.

The Fifth Element on Wattpad

As I walked through the thick layers of snow, and as wind bellowed through my hair and froze the moisture on my skin, I found slight comfort in knowing my feet had gone numb and stopped feeling the aching burn off the winter night.

But as I lurched forward in sudden pain and collapsed to the ground, I had taken off my worn boots to see the frightening image of my feet, bruised and black.

Posted on Reddit by ----Michel----.

More Like This

I cant believe Im out here, burying my wife, I said to pines that danced in the wind.

Neither can I, my wife said.

Posted on Reddit by darpacheetos.

Run. [on hold]

.quo. Run. [on hold] on Wattpad | https://www.wattpad.com/story/145126997 | The earth has all but destroyed itself. >>The human race all but extinct. >>A failed experiment leads to the development of a new race. >>The generically altered generation. >>

The night the screams started, was the night the end began. >>They came in the dead of night with a sole purpose:

Eliminate the altered. .te.

I had a choice: be cremated and become ashes in the wind, or get buried in a casket.

I wish I had known that we remain conscious in our body after we die.

Posted on Reddit by Himpontainous.

The wind whipping through my hair, running along the length of my body made me feel alive for the first time ever on this, my first flight.

The creatures talons cutting deeper furrows between my ribs and piercing my lungs reminded me all too quickly that it would be last flight as well.

Posted on Reddit by Chad_bishop.

peculiar winds

elizabeth's life was perfectly fine until the death of her father.

lately, more tragedies have occurred in her city, and she and her best friend, jensen, begin to connect the dots.

with the help of jensen's sister, effie, and her close friend, graham, they try to stop the phenomenon from happening.

peculiar winds on Wattpad

The earth suddenly trembled, the wind ceased.

It had arrived.

Posted on Reddit by Tall_GreenEyes.

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