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DC comics The Flash shouldnt run fast when nude, otherwise he might risk severe wind burns.

But, wait a sec...

The best wind stories are super weird and difficult to forget. Read on for all of that and maybe a bit more...

I watched the wind gently rock my baby's cradle back and forth.

As the bough broke and her cradle fell, however, I could only pull helplessly against my restraints.

Posted on Reddit by thecraftyone17.

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He was surprised by the vivid sensation of the wind rushing by as he jumped off the building.

He then remembered that it was AR not VR.

Posted on Reddit by EldritchSentry.

I re-winded the movie 10 seconds because it didn't make sense.

There was no creepy whisper in the dialogue.

Posted on Reddit by NubbyMcNubNub.

The wind is screaming like hell and I get panic.

Soon the space station will be without atmosphere and I cannot find the hole.

Posted on Reddit by Phoenikless.

The old cabin in the woods creaked and groaned in the cold wind.

But it quickly hushed itself, lest it scare off its next potential meal.

Posted on Reddit by SamuraiDarkLord.

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