William Fitzsimmons's "Distant Lovers" Will Make Your Eyes Leak


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Peaceful melancholy passed as poetry... William Fitzsimmons's "Distant Lovers" quietly demands you listen.

As the 2nd track from William's cool, calm album "Mission Bell," "Distant Lovers" truly showcases his arrestingly soothing sound.

"Honestly, I'm doing fine..."

An empty window. The ghost of your reflection blurs the view.

And you? You'd rather not reflect.

Another sunrise. You'd hoped to never rise again.

Yet, you do. It's getting easier too.


"Better off as friends..."

William's sound in "Mission Bell" brings to mind Delta Sleep's "Camp Adventure" and there's a lot to like.

Plucky guitar plays dreamy over vanishing drums while winding its way under a whispering voice. Vocals allude to mellow remorse and sorry acceptance of love long lost. It's hard not to be touched, but soft is the touch you perceive.

In a word, "Distant Lovers" is sentimental. Sentiment sets sail over a slow-rolling river of shivering sounds. It sounds like sadness, tempered with steely resolve. A cool, calm sadness you can sink into...

"Distant Lovers" delivers itself as thoughts left out in the rain. You can scoop them back up, but they'll never quite be the same. Listen and let it wash over you. You'll come out humbled and clean.

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