Wide Eyed Boy Invite Us to See the "Sun Again"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Rock in a rush... Fitful with feels and fair-spirited, Wide Eyed Boy's "Sun Again" is straight-ahead indie rock made fun again.

Chittering guitars and big, bright walls of harmonic fuzz force you to feel better in this one.

You thought you'd lost it...

Misplaced it somewhere dark. A damp space, relegated...

But, dewy dawn draws nigh once night has crossed it.


"Never have to spend another day trying to pretend it's all a dream..."

Upbeat and energetic, "Sun Again" sweetens the mood with a mint of melody.

Quick and sure-footed, this song sets off at a brisk pace from the start, tossing melody to harmony and handing us uplifting results.


Chords rip and pull at angles, melding to a sonorous singularity. Thuds drop as kicks and snares, simple and insistent every second of the way. "Sun Again" is solar-warm and stellar-bright.

"Sun Again" is the kind of song you hear and have to hear again. The good vibes grow on you. Get with it and give it a go.

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