When Lin Hamami Sings, You Can't Help But "Fall"

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Dynamic as an errant mind and soothing as a subtle breeze, Lin Hamami's "Fall" fits fitful emotion to crotchets and quavers a-quiver.

Imagine gleaming fields of lavender, leaking mauve magic into azure above and you'll have imagined how this song's sounds seem to feel.

An open window welcomes wind.

An open mind invites memory.

Is a vision unfamiliar yet memory still?

You wonder hunched over the windowsill.


"...Like this whole world is about to fall..."

With emotions, swells in sound set in throughout Lin Hamami's "Fall". Like sweetness, sorrow, hope and acceptance caught in a cradle of harmony, this song sways and swings from full to faint and back again.

There's nuance nestled in the easy chiming knell of bell-like strings. Plaintive emotion moves freely over air in Lin's lush voice, varied and intricate in expression. For the chorus, a choir of voices crowd the sidelines, setting Hamami's front and center. Spotlit, her melodic speech roams the soundscape, spacious yet closely held.

Lin's sound in this song lingers on gospel, glittering with folk feel adornment like loose tassels in the wind.

Anyone seeking respite in sound will have found it upon hearing this tune. Though your tastes might not fit square with this variety of music, "Fall" is well worth your time. Listen.

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