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Toy-sized pets make better toys than actual toys.

But, wait a sec...

The best toy stories are super weird and difficult to forget. Read on for all of that and maybe a bit more...

Don't Play With The Ouija Board At :am

So A Group Of People Played With The Ouija Board At : Am And Put A Doll Next To It Then They Played After doing that the doll started haunting them When They All of a Sudden realised they summoned a Demon after weeks there house started burning when they got out they saw one of them missing they thought they were just killed by the fire it was just a normal thing however that wasn't the case here what it actually was is that the person wasn't killed by the fire but killed in the fire by a murderous doll they attempted to do it again in a new house but this time it wasn't a demon but a spirit and they are haunted many people believe that they are seeing things that they don't usually see one tine a family had haunted toys as they did it at am with an ouija board from the dark web

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Ghost Playing with My Toys

I have lived in the same house my entire life. A portion of it was built around , it was a very small, three room cabin in the woods - until we put an addition on to make it a full house. Anyway, when I was a child I would experience very unexplainable and scary things. My sister and I used to share a small room in the old side of the house, while my parents stayed in their room in the new portion on the opposite side. Our room had a big wooden sliding pocket door that we would leave open at night, which means the sight line from my bed went right into the old living room, which became our play room.

In the middle of the night toys would make noises and rattle around in the playroom. In the early s there was this thing called a password journal. It was supposed to be able to recognize your voice only when you said your password and it would open. As s-s technology worked it didnt, and after the first time I opened it with my voice I was never able to again. However, in the middle of the night I would hear the password say whats you password? and then silence followed by it saying correct! and opening, all from the pitch black playroom. Maybe it was a coincidence, but it always spooked me.

In another instance my parents bought my sister and I these little mini piano things from an estate sale where the man had died. Eventually, they ended up in the extra bedroom above our room because they werent used as much, that room was like our attic. But every night, the piano would play one key over and over from upstairs. We made our parents make sure nothing was pushing the keys down, etc. But nothing was .

There are many other instances of toys being played with, among other things, but these are the most notable. I never saw a full apparition or anything. Except once, kind of. In the middle of the night I woke up, looked into the playroom where I could clearly see the whole couch, and saw a long black figure laying there. I knew it wasnt either of my parents, they never slept on the couch and if they were to it would be on one of the nicer couches in the new living room, not this ratty old one. I never told anyone as no one believed in these sorts of things.

I became so terrified of that room that no matter how bad I had to pee or how sick I felt during the night, I would not go out there to get to the rest of the house. Neither would my sister.

Years later, I heard my mom telling her cousin about the previous owner, an older woman, who had died on a couch in my sister and Is bedroom right under the window that my bed was under. Immediately it clicked for me and I told her about what I saw.

Today, my sister and I have our own rooms in the new part of the house, and virtually no one goes into the old part of the house. Even when I do, I still turn the lights off and run. It has such an eerie and uncomfortable feeling. I always feel watched. Strangely, I have never had more than once experience on the new side of the house.

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My boyfriend said he wanted to try a new toy on me, but I would have to be blindfolded.

I couldn't guess what the rough cylindrical object was until I heard him light the fuse.

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Mermaids And The Vampires Who Love Them

Everyone knows mermaids and vampires can't date.

But when a mermaid ends up at a boarding school with a smoking hot vampire for a roommate, will love take a bite? Just before her senior year of high school, mermaid Waverly Fishwater learns she's being transferred to a cross-cultural boarding school for supernaturals.

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Was playing with my step-daughter's Questions toy with her...

How did it know I killed her real dad?

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Drago The NightGuard

Drago is NOT a normal kid the moment he was born he is different than the other kids.

if it his eyes or his personality....


years later he is homeless WHAT happened and why does he talk to him self so much..

WELL read the STORY to FIND OUT WHO or WHAT is HE and what ADVENTURE is he gonna GET.

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I thanked Jenny for the drawing as she scampered back to her toys, grinning as I looked down at it.

I froze as its face stretched wide and grinned back.

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