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Twenty-five years have passed since eight-year old Carl Weber drowned in Gray's Pond, and now the Adam's family has returned to Kimberton, Pennsylvania, to reside once again in the old mansion.

Every day, however, brings strange occurrences - increasing paranormal acitivy, till it becomes agonizingly clear that ghosts of the past are trying to make their presence known.

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I double dog dared my little brother to dive into the old, forgotten well on our grandfather's farm.

Instead of a splash I hear a thud.

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As I raced back to my farm I overheard a cop on the police scanner say "we found a dead girl in a straw hat with her arms out in a cornfield".

"That is a scarecrow", I screamed over and over as I drove faster.

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Whose Fleece was White as Snow

In this twisted short story inspired by "Mary Had a Little Lamb," a young boy is given a pet lamb to cheer him up.

Unbeknownst to him and his parents though, this little lamb possesses a frightening secret.

Whose Fleece was White as Snow on Wattpad

A haunted Marijuana farm?

You may have guessed, but this took place in Colorado. The farm itself was way off the beaten path, which was perfect for growing a crop people like to steal and made it interesting for the only security guard there at night. It was apparently used to grow beans throughout the 1900's before some brighteyed entrepreneurs bought it to get a foot in the cannabis business. It's completely surrounded be woods on all sides. Upon entering the complex, you're met with several old farm houses. Only one was used for offices while the other two were just storage. This was called the admin area and is on the north end of the property. To the east, west and south you have 3 growing fields, all approximately 100 acres. Just past the admin area, you had seven greenhouse encompassed by a fence and a large garage attached to it that was used to house greenhouse supplies. Across the lot from that, another garage for farm equipment. So a very large area for one lone security guard. Now this was a brand new contract, so I had no one to show me around and was basically tasked with creating security procedure for the other guards to follow. To that end, I was working 7 days a week, 4pm to 6am until I had everything ironed out. My first day, I do a walk through of the place with my boss and the farm owner then was left on my own to figure it out. Thankfully I did have a decent little office in the admin building and they even had an 8 channel security system setup.

So weeks go by and nothing weird has happened, not even an off feeling. If anything, it was beyond peaceful. I figured out a good security routine and made a policy out of it for new guards to follow. After that, life was easy. Do my checks. Read fanatic. Watch YouTube. Glance at cameras. Repeat. I was doing just that at about 2am when I see a black mass jump over the greenhouse fence. I bolt up, lock my office and run down there, weapon drawn. Now that may seem like a dramatic response, but I should be the only person for literally miles around. The main road is the only way in by vehicle, and it's gated. Plus, the gate is right next to my office so I would have heard or seen someone approach by vehicle. And foot traffic at that hour and in that location? Well it's probably not the mailman. I get to the greenhouse area gate and quietly let myself in. I start checking greenhouses one by one. After about 20 minutes, I find absolutely nothing. I find the camera in question and looked around the area but found nothing out of place. I end up doing my entire security check early just to be sure, then head back to my office. I plan to review the footage because the fence is 8 ft tall with an additional foot of barbed wire across the top. That in itself freaks me out because I've been outside for over an hour before I realize the only thing that can clear that jump is a mountain lion. So I hustled back to my office, but my monitor is black. No signal found. The hard-drive in the brand new DVR is fried. At this point, it's weird but not necessarily paranormal.

A few days go by, we get the hard drive replaced and all is well. It's probably around midnight and I'm doing my checks by the backside of greenhouse area when out of no where, a blood curdling scream, and it's damn close. My body goes cold. This very well could be the big cat I suspected from a few nights earlier. I find the nearest gate and let myself into the greenhouse area. Better in there than out in the open. But then I hear crying. Unmistakably female, diaphragm shaking, snot slinging weeping. That's not a cat. I almost wish it was. But I have to look, that's my job. Now behind the greenhouse area, there's a dirt road in front of the center field that circles all the way around it. This road connects to the peremiter roads for the two side fields. Think of three big circles arranged in the loose shape of a triangle with the greenhouses in the middle. Well this crying sounded like it was coming from that center road. I start to approach very slowly, and can still hear it clear as day. It's getting louder and louder the closer I get. It's almost nightmarish. Until it just stops. So I stopped. I stayed there completely still for quite a long time. But there was nothing. People don't just stop sobbing. There's at least sniffling, maybe that hiccupping when you try and catch your breath. But it just went from wailling to nothing in one beat. After that, I always felt uncomfortable toward that back field. I heard the scream several more times after that, always around midnight and always from that same area, but never went to investigate after my initial experience.

By this time, harvest has come and gone and the fields are bare. I'm still needed however because they used the greenhouses throughout the winter. As the seasons changed, so did my responsibilities. Rather than patrolling the fields, my focus was the greenhouses. Not just for theft, but also insuring that the heaters continue to work throughout the cold nights. To this end, I took to parking my jeep next to the greenhouse area so I didn't have to make the long trek through the snow from the security office to the greenhouses. I could see everything I needed to from my driver seat and my jeep heater was infinitely better than the little space heater in my office. I had a routine. Start the jeep, get it nice and hot, then turn it off. I kept my windows cracked, because security work at night is 50 listening for weird $#!#. I didn't have to listen hard. A loud bang immediately removed any drowsiness I may have had. Something just hit my vehicle. I don't get out immediately. I took a good look around, listen for footsteps and check my mirrors frantically. But there's nothing. Then it happens again, bang, on the roof of my jeep and dirt tumbles down my windshield. Someone's throwing dirt clumps at me? I call my supervisor and explain what's going on, she says she's on her way and will be there in about a 12 an hour as she is working at another farm not too far away. I reached to the passenger seat and grabbed my spotlight. The big kind of spotlight, 1000 lumens and allows me to see the back of every field. The kinds of spotlight that will land you in jail if you shine it at a plane. I hop out of my jeep and climb on the roof. It had to have come from the back field. I began panning back and fourth with my handheld beam of daylight. I don't immediately see anyone, so I start with verbal commands. Come out, you're trespassing, announce yourself, I'm authorized to use lethal force, yadda yadda. No response. I stay posted up until my supervisor arrives arrives. We decided to walk the perimeter of all 3 fields and found absolutely nothing. By this time it's almost 3am and we were back at my jeep talking and smoking. Then, a whistle. Like that playful two tone whistle that says "I'm over here!". My supervisor just gave me this look like, seriously? I told her that's the kind of thing I deal with at this place. She stuck around for the rest of the shift, but nothing else happened.

It stayed quiet until Christmas day when I picked up a shift for that sweet holiday pay. I also opted to stay in the office for the sake of my jeep. That's when the music started. Long, flowing classical music that you might hear playing quietly at a fancy party. I listened. Then stood up and listened some more. Walked to the doorway of the security office and stopped to listen again. It's still there. I stepped out and it stops. I pause to dead silence. I step back into my office and I can hear it again. I poke my head out and it stops. I lean back in and it starts again. It was almost cartoonish. It went on for quite a while and gradually faded away. There's nothing in that old building that plays music. No radio, pa systems and no one had forgotten a cell phone. It wasn't my phone as I had actually tried to record it, but picked up nothing but white noise. I walked outside in the off chance it was coming from miles away, but nothing. I only ever heard that music on Christmas day.

After that I had actually gotten permission to bring my husky to work and he loved the farm, especially in the snow. But some nights he wouldn't leave my side. He would actually growl at things I had no perception of. Which you know is strange if you own a husky. The strangest thing about that place was you could just tell if it was going to be a normal night or not when you got there. Some days the atmosphere was just different. A lot of other little things happened there, but those were the big ones. If I get decent response on here, I may share a few more stories from my time in the Marines, or during my time as a cop. Thank you for your time!


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Old Macdonald had a farm E-I-E-I-O

And on his farm he flayed people alive

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Vote Your Own Adventure - The Farm

This is an ongoing "chose your own adventure" story as voted by readers on Facebook.

The story updates three times a week.

The Farm Our adventure opens up with the reader accepting a new job with vague details.

It quickly becomes apparent that this new job is about ghost investigations,; and it'll be up to readers whether it's nothing more than an old man's imagination or if things really do go bump in the night.

Vote Your Own Adventure - The Farm on Wattpad

Old Farm House Experiences-Odd Feelings a certain time of year

Last year I moved into an old farmhouse that my husband has spent over 20 years of his life at. It was built in the 1760s and there has been an ongoing joke with the family that the house has "seen a lot" and has "a lot of travelers".

We live in an area close to an old fort in New Hampshire and my husband and I both grew up hearing stories about the French and Indian War. My husband also grew up being told that multiple people died in the house(I was finally able to verify this with a newspaper article) but never previously actually experienced anything here.

I had visited the house multiple times before moving in and nothing really ever struck me...until I visited in October, three years ago. As soon as we got close to the property I became terrified. It was just pure FEAR. I thought maybe it was my depression or anxiety and nothing to give a second thought.

I moved in and occasionally felt like someone was watching me, but I figured hey! It's an old is the weird part is, During the months of September-January I am FULL of fear and terror.

At first, I suspected a case of seasonal depression or something but the amount of fear I feel is almost agoraphobic which is highly unusual for me. There is a field across the street from our house and I'm unsure of the history but it seems most of the fear is centered around this field and a particular tree that's located in it.

Last September, my husband was also out shoveling and felt like something was watching him and quickly realized a black figure was watching him from the tree line. He started he felt a deep sense of fear and then it randomly just disappeared.

The newspaper article I found did state a man fell to his death in October of 1893 but I feel like it's something so much darker!

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this or increased activity during certain months?

Posted on Reddit by stephscheersandjeers.

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