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People from all over have loads of eldritch boat stories like the ones below. It's all too easy to read them all...


I turned off the TV, without knowing he was about to say "second" and not "decade".

Posted on Reddit by EandCheckmark.

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A man involved in a boat accident refused to go on another boat for 40 years.

When he worked up the courage to try again, he bought a ticket to board the titanic.

Posted on Reddit by Tsintato.

One of my crazy superstitions is I never serve aboard a boat that's been christened with a man's name.

I got into a heated debate over this with my Captain as we boarded the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Posted on Reddit by PatrickRsGhost.

After 3 days afloat on the broken piece of my boat hull, I finally washed ashore on a small island and began rejoicing for newfound safety.

As I began to cry grateful tears, however, the first arrow streaked by, narrowly missing my ear and piercing the sandy ground next to me.

Posted on Reddit by RScommitted.

As the boat sailed into the harbour, the crews familys were there to welcome them

Two weeks later the crew were found in their watery grave, by then the imposters had already reproduced

Posted on Reddit by AO1980s.

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