Weapons of the Past - Japan's Type 3 Ka-Chi

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World War II bore witness to widespread devastation and the use of heavy machinery on all battlefronts. In the case of Japan, such imposing machines of war as the Type 3 Ka-Chi came into being for use in battle.

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The Type 3 Ka-Chi was a heavily armored vehicle - a true tank in every discernible sense. However, there was more to this tank than land-based warfare...

TennĊheika banzai! (May the Emperor live ten thousand years!)

- Shout made by Imperial Japanese troops in attack.

The Ka-Chi was an amphibious tank designed to pursue enemies doggedly over mud, sand and surf alike. This war machine was so watertight it could be launched safely from actual submarines to surprise enemies on beaches.

The Type 3 was equipped with water propulsion systems, heavy armor, pontoons and a snorkel to air out the engine while it was running in water.

Overall, this tank model saw surprisingly little use - only 19 models were manufactured in total - but maybe that was for the best.


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