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Nightcore and vaporwave are opposites, nightcore is high and faster, vaporwave is low and slower.


Enjoy some of the best vaporwave music albums the net has to offer. You may have heard of these artists before, but there are bound to be a few new sounds in the mix...

sequoia - the dreamscape

sequoia the dreamscape song img

a regularly updated playlist of nice lo-fi tunes (and similar songs) that I find

the dreamscape by sequoia

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by endlesswaters無限の海 - GEO - C03; endlesswaters無限の海 - Collection

GEO - C03; endlesswaters無限の海 - Collection by endlesswaters無限の海 song img

Geometric Lullaby: Collections is a series of cassette box sets created through the joint efforts of Geometric Lullaby and prolific artists.

Each box set is limited to an /?? unknown number, and contains 4 cassettes.

The entirety of each box set should be listened to in one sitting to experience the true intended soundscape and world created by each artist. Though possible to enjoy with others, the intention is for each self-contained journey to be listened to alone. Begin each box set when the sun begins to set, and prepare for an experience like no other.

Collection is a relaxing slushwave box set by the artist endlesswaters無限の海.

GEO - C03; endlesswaters無限の海 - Collection by endlesswaters無限の海

- 2814 - 新しい日の誕生/Birth of a New Day (Full Album) [HD]

A collaboration between Vaporwave producers Hong Kong Express and t e l e p a t his a project that creates cyberpunk-esque, dystopian yet psychedelic and relaxing ambient soundscapes. Drifting off into a daydream is hard to avoid as each track flawlessly flows into another, each with its own unique atmosphere.

1. 恢复/Recovery 0:00

2. 遠くの愛好家/Distant Lovers 5:51

3Shinjuku Golden Street 12:09

4. ふわっと/Drifting 21:01


6. 真実の恋/True Love 27:25

7. テレパシー/Telepathy 34:29

8The Birth of a New Day 44:37

2814 on Bandcamp

said: 'Welcome back to dreamland, everyone.'

Jonathan Price said: 'Traveled for over 26 straight hours from the USA to a resort in Phan Thiet, Vietnam for my honeymoon back in 2015. Played this song on a wireless soundbar in our resort as we were beyond exhausted. Will never forget the feeling of drifting in and out of sleep to this. Now my wife has passed away, and that moment, listening to this album will alway sit with my soul.'

Table for Two said: 'Just listening to this as I do my errands for the day. Keeps me relaxed.'

2814 - 新しい日の誕生/Birth of a New Day (Full Album) [HD] by

テンペスト地域 (COLLECTED EDITION) by haircuts for men

テンペスト地域 (COLLECTED EDITION) by haircuts for men song img

Beat Hollow Records - Nightey - Night

Beat Hollow Records Nightey - Night song img


Nightey’s first EP is a floral, kaleidoscopic release-From throbbing, subterranean (underwater? pulses to bright orchestral sweeps, drum machines, and tape, it’s the somnambulist clubber’s score - or the soundtrack to a shark’s dream.

Nightey - Night by Beat Hollow Records

パステル勾配 lp by haircuts for men

パステル勾配 lp by haircuts for men song img

TRIPPER - Winter Chill - Summer Lounge

Winter Chill - Summer Lounge by TRIPPER song img

- g h o s t i n g - Virtual Saxophone Transmissions (Full Album)

0:00 Welcome

1:40 Signal Received

3:15 Telephone

5:09 Transmission I

6:06 Transmission II

7:48 Spend the Night

9:59 Please Hold

11:34 Goodbye

Clouds said: 'Just found this at 5:18 am est This is amazing mix!! Thank you for starting my rainy thundering morning here in FL!'

Tom Silva said: 'A few samples:

Telephone: George Howard - Telephone

Spend the Night: The Cool Notes - Spend the Night

Please Hold: George Howard - Only Human (smooth jazz version of Jeffrey Osborne's by the same title which in turn came out in 1991)'

Cynthia Perez Daubert said: 'oh my god I found "welcome" like 2 years ago and I didn't know it was from g h o s t i n g!!! I'm so happy to find this!!'

g h o s t i n g - Virtual Saxophone Transmissions (Full Album) by

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