We Are Southpaw's "Complacent" Will Make You Anything But

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We Are Southpaw blend blues and punchy punk in their new tune "Complacent".

Scorched riffs melt nightlife melody to a puddle of sonic drama in this track.


It's easy not to...

Care about what you can't see...

It's easy to leave.

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"He didn't even acknowledge your attention seeking tweet..."

We Are Southpaw bend blues to their musical will in "Complacent".

Pulsing guitar strings stud the mix as this song opens up. Vocals jump out at your sides, then retract to the soundscape's center at each chorus, slowing to an exuberant crawl near the tune's end. Snare pops ricochet over key-accentuated coda and collide at the end with a rush of tone.

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We Are Southpaw speak to an ailing relationship's death throes in "Complacent". She's pushing every button she can remember. He hasn't even noticed.

"Complacent" brings a heavy sort of smoothness to the table, roughing up the traditional lounge feel to full rock effect. Give that play button a press to test it out yourself.

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