WasteLand and Mileo Make Fire in "Paper Towns"

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Emotive magic made manifest as music... Wasteland and Mileo's "Paper Towns" takes the crown for power-pop prowess.

Hope soaked in sorrow and nostalgia... This tune traipses the train tracks at the border of big, anthemic pop and deep alt. sounds.

Brilliance... Buried and forgotten.

Windows for the soul... Shattered. Battered was your heart; you lost it.

Found once more, it's all that matters.


"We won't let them hold us down..."

Wasteland waves a magic wand over an ocean of sound. Mileo puts heartache on hold in a sea of harmony.

Bouncy beats bang and clap under dulcet voice. Every chorus yields to a dip, uplifting. Every verse climbs a fence to straddle the top before jumping to the madly satisfying drop.


Undertones of desire turn to overtones of hope as whitecap waves of tone crest and crash in succession. Regrets erupt to flame and smoke in the star-lit dawn of self-discovery.

You might not think of pop as particularly deep, but there's enough meaning beneath this song's surface to sway your opinion. Press play on "Paper Towns" and listen for yourself..

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