Warmed by JDR's "Only U"



"Only U" is island stylish and seductive. Reggaeton-inspired, this tune takes noticeable cues from Daddy Yankee's "Despacito" without losing itself.

Fit for a summer party, JDR's fresh single slams home the hot, steamy style of the genre. It's poppy, it's catchy, it's rhythmic to a 't.'

With a number of elements converging harmoniously, it's nice how well the track comes together. Unpretentious and perfectly pop, "Only U" merits replays at a pool party, anywhere, USA.

I see you working your body...

We're spinning in the center of the dance floor.

21.09.2017 JDR MANLY (8 of 124)_preview-done

Amber firelight warms our surroundings against an ocean breeze. Night sky forms a backdrop for a heaving mass of bodies dancing into dawn.

Lovers lose themselves in the crowd and a hush befalls the scene as their bodies touch.

A chorus kicks in and the party continues.

It's only you...

Electric "oh's" collide against a two-step beat. The dull, deep-buried bass drums thud an open space - seductively suggesting at more to come. Meanwhile, subtle rhythmic stabs bleed cohesion alongside the beat.

Swirling with Spanish influence, this tune's use of classic guitar fills and flamenco clicking enshrouds the listener in an authentic Latin party atmosphere. Lyrics ebb from English to Spanish and back again - enhancing the seaside vibe.

Percussive elements abound, but none crowd each other. Side to side, little melodic additions pop up at every angle to flesh out the track.

Balance is key in this track. "Only U" spreads itself neatly across the sonic spectrum. High to low, every space is kept full throughout the song, but it's never a wall of noise. Intricately interwoven, the varied sounds utilized do not compete. Instead, they complete each other.

The intro and outro bit is brilliant. Right on point with the beat, that melody hits all the right places.

"Only U" is fun in the sun put to music. It's an exciting expression of summertime love with enough sultry flair to sway anyone to the dance floor. One of those songs you can't sit still to, it's entertaining through and through.

Give it a spin below and join the party!

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