Von Sell's "Scene of a Crime" is No Groovy Accident

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Groove-laden love-pop breaks bounds and rebounds in Von Sell's "Scene of a Crime".

If you find yourself chalky, strewn across a carpet, contorted and confused, wondering what happened, understand that Von Sell has killed you with this track and you're currently at the crime scene.

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A house. A party. A spectacle.
So sorry, not sorry. You meant to go.

Just not alone... Your home

Is your home when the DJ says so.

"Lord, I'm empty. Just fill me up..."

"Scene of a Crime" puts a full stop on snazzy pop. Monster melody over R&B like RKCB with a dreamy touch of soul. This one's a trip.

Von Sell has struck at gold with this tune's groove. Shellshocking swells and pads blow like the biggest of breezes over breezy vocals. Sounds die down to rhythmic chords and finger snaps, then jump to full form for more.

Von Sell works EDM alchemy in this track, uniting dissimilar sounds like they were made for one another. Altogether, the flow is inescapable. Add in Sell's chittering vocals and this song simply soars.

You shouldn't miss listening to this. Go on. You'll enjoy it.

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