Voice of Aiko Prescribe Us a "Prescription Dream"

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60's over simmering soul... Voice of Aiko's excellent track "Prescription Dream" backs an excellent cause with excellent music.

Sultry, slow jazz boils bright, electric emotion to a steady groove.

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Shiny shoes... Safe space...
Familiar face and shaking hands...

Same plan. Pay to play.

Pop a pill and walk away.

"But I don't feel right when I'm clean..."

Warm horns grumble over a sparkling electric fence. They greet us at the entrance, then drag us into a "Prescription Dream".

Buttery bass and slippery soul-style guitar swank set this track up to induce the haziest of vibes. Fitting and far-out for a track that's a tribute to prescription drug dangers.

In an instant, an office light goes out, glows red. In a moment, a doctor undresses, dresses up in blue sharkskin. In a second, a desk becomes a bar, a bottle changes hands. You can't sip, but you're swallowed whole.


The pain and panic of prescription pill-poppers is palpable in the dark, groovy, near-tribal traipsing rhythm of this tune. The loss of self...

As a track, this is a solid, soulful song. Coupled with an awesome video, the lyrics come imbued with more meaning than before. For music lovers everywhere, especially those who care about the cause, this is a must-listen and a must-watch. Go for it.

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