VirtuSphere Inc.'s Spherical Playspace "VirtuSphere"

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Virtual reality is a reality. However, we are still required to use controllers and such to get around in-game. With VirtuSphere Inc.'s special "VirtuSphere", we can ditch the controllers and really get rolling.


"Virtusphere rotates as the user walks, allowing for an unlimited plane (upon which you can move)..."

Hamsters on the eternal wheel of fun, with a VirtuSphere, we can literally walk, crawl and run our way to the most immersive (and exhausting) gaming experience currently available.

The VirtuSphere's elaborate construction includes a 10-foot hollow sphere and a special platform that allows the ball to turn freely with you inside. Coupled with virtual headgear, the VirtuSphere makes for impressively realistic gaming. In fact, it's already in use with the government for training purposes.

[caption id="attachment_4682" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]VIRTUAL SPHERE Military training simulation[/caption]

What's more, with the near completion of the company's own Virtual Game Controller, current 3D applications and games will have no trouble working with the sphere.

Read up on the tiny SKULPT synthesizer with COLOSSAL sound...


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