Vic Park Assure Us "I Could Really Use Your Love" in Smooth New Song

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Long-thought lines and chill delivery delight the ears in waves, harmonic, and melodic eddies throughout "I Could Really Use Your Love".

Love of energy and enticing tones, electric, take us up and away in this swinging, swaying track.

Move memories aside.

Shake images from pockets. Toss thoughts into the fire.

Close your aching heart and lock it.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"...As gung-ho as a liar in disguise..."

Vic Park play melody over memory in "I Could Really Use Your Love".

Every chorus careens to verse in halting march step, drums stop-starting with metaphoric trepidation as realizations sink in. Twangy guitars push pangs of appreciation over air and voice. Choice lyrics allude to longing, unsated and unabated.


Vic Park very nearly involve us in a romance, lost, and a sleepless night by lamplight. The narrative is nuanced enough in "I Could Really Use Your Love" to entrance and intrigue.

Love burns bright in this one. Bright as a hearth to get you glowing. Press play and let it flow.

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