Valerio Lysander's Music Makes You Feel Things and "I Don’t Know Why It Happens"

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Valerio Lysander's new tune "I Don’t Know Why It Happens" is purest positivity in a grand, sweeping swoon of sound.

Life may flip downside up, but this song turns your frown upside down.


An adventure, now...

A life, a loss, a longing...

Sense of belonging...

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"I don't know what comes after, but it will..."

Valerio creates a world of sentiment in "I Don’t Know Why It Happens".

“It’s useless to be asking oneself ‘why me?’, ‘why now?’. All we can do is accept what happens to us and learn from it.”

- Valerio Lysander

A delicate mix of instruments strikes a precarious balance beneath silky vocals. Pizzicato plucks pull you up to cloudy heights. Strings chase trumpets. Drums touch cymbals. Orchestral, the soundscape drips dramatic overtones, changing, charging your ears and the atmosphere.

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Valerio laces "I Don’t Know Why It Happens" with unambiguous hope in the wide, withering arms of sorrow. There's a thoughtful touch of truth to be found in each verse and enough uplifting emotional content to burst your heart.

"I Don’t Know Why It Happens" is amazing. You don't need to know why. Just press play and let the loveliness do the explaining.

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