Valerio Lysander's "Little People" Sounds Like Love Put to Tune

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Fine piano plays over windy violin strings and under gilded, gliding vocals in Valerio Lysander's "Little People".

Valerio's latest release leaves the heart aching and the soul yearning in unison.

Imagine daybreak, endless.

A song on the wind... A bird on the fence...

Free to choose any experience...

"They don't have time to breathe..."

Warmth and a wealth of meaning, strung on heartstrings by a string ensemble, settle the nerves and raise the spirit in Valerio's "Little People".

Dynamic shifts in key paint a chromatic picture of people in passing; their dreams linger on each light piano note, their fears lurk under every minor chord. Lysander's layered vocals float and frisk over atmosphere as cello drone carpets the song's mix.


A message, meaningful, fills each verse of "Little People" with wonder and hope, heartfelt. Even without the video, the song's intention is clear as dawn. Time spent enjoying oneself trumps chasing promises of joy, unattainable. To chase joy is to lose it. To cultivate joy is to keep it. To hear this song is to embrace the latter of the two.

"Little People" is a beautiful song, positively teeming with melody, magic and meaning. Make time to hear it and you won't regret it.

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