US Military Weaponry - the Ka-Bar Combat Knife

Odd US military ka-bar knife

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At a time in US military history when combat knives issued to active soldiers just couldn't cut it, the Ka-Bar came to the rescue.

Soldiers given then-standard trench knives with cumbersome knuckle guards during World War II soon found them lacking in the field. They were prone to breakage and far too unwieldy for simple tasks that didn't directly involve killing people.

I picked up and balanced them all... and found there the blade that suited me the way Excalibur suited Arthur.

- Robert A. Heinlein, in Glory Road (1963), Ch. 5

The Ka-Bar represented a significant improvement in fighting utility tools by improving dramatically on durability and versatility. Other blades used before the Ka-Bar had presented numerous issues ranging from poor edge-retention to excessive weight and reflective properties.

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Although the leather stock of the Ka-Bar tends to break down when marines put it to the test in saltwater, the knife as a whole is one of the best to be used by the US military so far.

Ka-Bar Knife

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