UrmO is Your Snazzy Electric Folding Hoverboard

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What happens when engineers from Tesla and BMW turn their attention to personal transportation? Apparently, vehicles like the UrmO happen.

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The UrmO is definitely neat. Modeled like a hoverboard, it's a sleek way of getting around. However, what makes this little scooter special is its built-in folding design, allowing for extremely easy storage and toting.

The Urmo bridges the gap between vehicles and destinations.

The UrmO is designed to accomodate the in-between space of commuting. Ride from your car to your destination and save yourself the hassle of parking. Ride from your home to a public transport station and make better time at a swifter pace. Reach your destination and simply reach for the handle to lift and fold it to a neat, manageable size. Nifty.


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