urfav's Track "Wasted Time" Won't Waste Yours

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Chill trap treads dangerous and close to alt. rock harmony with a choral kick.

Artist urfav forges a balanced sound by mixing influences with fluid artistry.

Lamplit eyes, eyelids like lampshades...

A shivering soul sets out beacons in a blizzard.

Daylight has withered and died to dusk.

A dried husk is the reality their hands made.


"I loosen up the harness and let my lungs breathe freely now..."

"Wasted Time" wastes none in escalating from free flowing string licks to an alt. rock trap mix. Moody lyrics lead us deep into the singer's psyche and troubles.

Guitar notes come glistening - gilded as a crown. Kicks traipse the edge of deep melodic material and drowned drum thumps. Breaths blow refracted air over the ears and the whole of the track drips deep-hearted drama.

The chorus kills in "Wasted Time," tipping the scales in urfav's favor with melancholic melodic flavor. Like lament lost to echoes in an empty room, urfav's voice comes coupled then detaches to two at each verse.

In "Wasted Time" urfav finds a special spot between not only rock and trap, but sound and significance. For a listen well-spent, spank the play button.

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