Urban and Urbane - Come Unwind to Years From Now's "Thoughts and Feelings"


Old-school hip hop meets easy listening jazz in Years From Now's new track "Thoughts and Feelings."

A laid-back instrumental with soulful spirit peppered all over, this track is a lounge atmosphere's beau ideal.

Years From Now whips in a few welcome surprises along the way - shaking it up while keeping it simple. A delight.


Deep brown leather feels cool under your arms as the recliner kicks back.

The fire's going. The moon is out. The whiskey's spinning in your tumbler.

Your pipe is lit. Your lady's reading. Your kids are sleeping.

Eyes closing. Eyebrows arching. Relaxing...


Years From Now's style is blissfully retro.

There's a sixth sense for suave sounds on display throughout this tune and an understated knack for bringing them all together convincingly.

An ice cold piano progression plays over scattered percussion in a bubbling pool of warm tape fuzz. You'll feel buzzed.


An otherworldly keyboard bit in the latter half of the song whisks us away to worlds unknown. We're high up on the airwaves - riding home?

This one's yours if you're looking for some sweet quiet time.

As a chill hop tune, it makes for excellent listening. As a tonic, it's right for unwinding.

Listen and love.

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