"Untainted Abstraction" by E. Cavallini and M. Yamaguchi at GR Gallery


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In an intriguing mash-up, upcoming art exhibition at GR Gallery dubbed "Untainted Abstraction" will feature elaborate abstract artwork by the two fashion figures Emilio Cavallini and Meguru Yamaguchi.

With very different styles and cultures, both artists' works paired in such a way serve as a deliciously intriguing visual juxtaposition.

Meguru Yamaguchi, SOUL FIGHT NO.2, 2018, acrylic, wood, epoxy, 62 x 43 x 2 inches-done

"Untainted Abstraction aims to highlight the uncommon esthetic approach to abstraction shared by the two artists."

Yamaguchi's work is a more minimal variety of abstraction. Colors strike and shatter across his creations in near-metallic hues, leaving pristine white space all around. His technique involves putting paint on plastic to later peel off and layer onto other surfaces. The results are starkly modern and oddly organic.

Meguru Yamaguchi, SPLITTING HORIZON NO.8, 2018, acrylic, epoxy, wood, 40x70x2 inches-done

In Yamaguchi's art, it's the play of emptiness on jagged, fluid forms that reels you in; forms vaguely reminiscent of Japanese calligraphy enmeshed in the essential fabric of graffiti. But fabric forms the foundation of Cavallini's creations for the exhibit.

Emilio Cavallini, FRACTAL N. 1, 2018, cotton threads, wood, 40x40x5 inches-done

Cavallini's straight lines intertwine in the colorful form of fabric pulled tight. Silky strips stick out in all directions, emerging from floral centers and contorting with scientific precision.

Emilio Cavallini_Rainbow- Catastrophic Bifurcation_red, 2006, cotton threads, acrylic glass frame, 40x40x5 inches-done

At the forefront, clarity; chaos underneath... Cavallini's pieces house exciting layers as separate planes of existence. Bright blossoming canopy above shades the intricate maelstrom of color below.

"The echoes of Japanese and Italian historical traditions whisper over their creations."

GR Gallery's upcoming exhibition of "Untainted Abstraction" is set to run from September 5th to October 14th.

Both Emilio C. and Meguru Y. apply their fashion sensitivities to their gorgeous artwork. However, their separate approaches are so unique as to stun viewers in person.

The exhibition will feature both an event-exclusive limited edition print and a 3D wall sculpture as well. Check it out!

Emilio Cavallini_LINEAR FRACTAL BLUE, 2010. cotton threads, wood, 48x48x10 inches-done

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