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The crazy school stories in this roundup might make you wonder...

Raven (Book 3: Old Version)

-Demon Series, Book 3- Darius and Storm welcome their first child into the world and are surprised with twin boys.

One black and red, the other a pure white.

Darius rejects the omega pup at first, outrage that such a creature could come from his bloodline.

But his heart is quickly softened, and soon the boy is his only concern.

Daven and Raven are the future of Northern Ridge, and through them the pack will reach heights never thought possible by a single generation.

Through the twins and others born in their age, a new pack will be created.

One to be feared.

Old version, new is called Midfield Academy

Raven (Book 3: Old Version) on Wattpad

Aliens or hybrids are responsible for ghost sightings and hallucinations (A must read for researchers and abductees.)

We never had hard evidence for aliens or human hybrids apart from Lights and shadows or distorted figures that seem to have an intelligence in our skies or in our homes.

When we talk about alien abductions, it's usually a light in the sky following people on the road or enter their room with a flash, is where people are missing time, stuck in their sleep, have marks on their bodies or with no or vague memories of the event, some remembered it as a dream or after going under hypnosis, remembering getting stung with a needle by either Mantis beings, Gray aliens or encounter humanoid alien hybrid children on spaceships wearing garments.

[Alien hybrid painting vs a ghost girl](the exact same for paranormal encounters, seeing a distorted shadow or white or black smoke, objects move in houses, electrical interferences, having imaginary friends, sleep walk or seeing the same humanoid creatures with red or white eyes during sleep paralysis like shadow people, the hat man, The night hag, grays etc. coming to you as a dream or altered state of consciousness during sleep paralysis.

[Shadow people, the Hat man vs Alien hybrids, or the MIB](we look at the School children in Zimbabwe alien encounter, not all the children saw them as grays, some only saw them as lights. This shows that gray aliens project themselves to you as an hallucination while being of radiating light.

I was personally dying to know if alien hybrids where living among us like [Dr. David Jacobs claims in his book]((read first page) retrieved by putting abductees under hypnosis.

All I could find were invisible entities or shadows projecting themselves to people and alter their state of consciousness. like with this girl:

[Abducted missing girl playing with an invisible girl that only she sees.](video is bringing me straight to Dr. David Jacobs work, where people under hypnosis claim to have human friends abducting them and being mind controlled to play along how to intergrade themselves into society.

There are again two similar cases , which relates to everything I mentioned in my post:

[Rachel Timothy on Dr. Phil:](claimed to see shadows, leaving the house unconscious, abused by men, physical marks on her body, even implants put inside her without any physical evidence or camera footage. (link contains full episode.)

[Kyle Odom's Manifesto:](Claimed to have met human alien hybrids mind controlling him, he was again the only one that saw them. (link contains full story.)

This took me 2 years to find out, I later realized the Pentagon connected the alien mystery with Poltergeists too: [avoided any conspiracy theory with this post and only went with the evidence, I highly encourage scientist's too look into the light and shadow phenomenon we are encountering and come with a good explanation of what the possibilities are.

For now aliens seem to be connected with poltergeists like the Pentagon says, and they project thoughts and memories into people's heads.

I believe Skinwalker ranch episodes on the History channel is a great step into researching this phenomenon scientifically and I hope more will follow.

Posted on Reddit by sumonespecal.

More Like This

Documentary (from 2001): Voronezh UFO Landing with Aliens in 1989 (in English), plus more witness statements.

This is a segment from the show Giants: The Mystery And The Myth (2001) that was aired on the Discovery Channel.

[ Giants: The Mystery And The Myth (2001) - Voronezh Segment](are the full witness statements from the book UFO IN VORONEZH or НЛО в Воронеже.

Alexander Nikolayevich Kutishchev:

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Alexander Nikolayevich Kutishchev:

It was not immediately possible to persuade Alexander Nikolayevich Kutishchev, an elderly but rather strong man of about sixty, who works as a janitor, to tell about what happened and go to the UFO landing site, which he witnessed. Finally, he agreed, and with our small group (only G. Silanov is not with us, because he, like each of us, has the main job that you cant quit at any moment) on Vyacheslav Martynovs Zhiguli we go to Mashmet (specific area within Voronezh). To the left of the highway stretches a neglected field. Obviously, there used to be private gardens here, but this year the land was not cultivated, and the site was filled with weeds that had dried up by autumn.

"Stop, - Alexander Nikolaevich shows with his hand. - Here it was, at the beginning of the evening, forty people got off the train. We see a sphere flying, glowing, and it began to jump over the field, two or three times, up and down.

The most curious, including myself, ran across the road to take a closer look. I was standing on this hillock," Kutishchev recalls the details. Apparently, it is the first time in his life that he has to talk about unidentified flying objects.

"And then it seemed - a ghost in the form of a man", Alexander Nikolayevich continues. "The door in the sphere opened and he stood there. The people murmured: Look, look, there is some kind of person! Bigger than me. He looked so powerful. And the head - the devil knows - like this", - drawing his head into his shoulders -, Alexander Nikolayevich draws an arc in the air with his hands, thereby showing that the ghost he saw did not have a neck. Then he finds the right word: You know, he was like a robot, clumsy. On his chest - something like a square shield, and in his hands some kind of stick, like a crutch. He lowered it down again - either leaned on it, or took something out with it. I didn't see it, it was far away."

"But this sphere was not quite round, but flattened, gray in color. There were three lights on it, red, like a brake light on a car. It was not standing on the ground, but hovering just a little higher", - Kutishchev shows with his hand at chest level.- "This man then turned around - as if he looked at us - and disappeared through his door. As it flew away, there was a squeal. The sphere rose a little, stopped in place and - gone", Kutishchev waves his hand, showing how the sphere instantly disappeared.

The next day we go to the "Mashmet" and verify Alexander's story. Sitting in the car and not yet knowing the coordinates, Genrikh Mikhailovich catches the right direction with a dowsing frame on the go and not far from the place where we recorded Kutishchevs story on videotape the day before. He asks to stop the car. Fifteen minutes later, Genrikh Mikhailovich, without anyone's prompting, with the help of only one frame, goes to the site known only to us. We examine it again, affirming our opinion: the object did not touch the soil. By the way, Kutishchev also said this, but in his own words. In two places, up to one and a half meters, the stems of plants are crushed, some are uprooted by some kind of circular rotational movement.

It is noticeable how the stem is split and twisted at the roots of one of them. The first thing we thought about was maybe someone tried to twist this weed out of the ground in the summer, when it was green? But no, they found fresh black soil on the roots. Similar traces could be left by a small tornado. But the frame in the hands of Genrikh Mikhailovich rotated in these zones, forming circles with a diameter of about four meters, at a rather high speed (the video camera captured these moments), and in our archive, there was a video recording of the story of A. N. Kutishchev! It is impossible to imagine a more convincing, impressive evidence!

Volodia Startshev and Sergei Makarov:


On September 28, there is a whole fireworks of events. Moreover, the first of them, as the seventh grader of the 33rd school Volodya Startsev claimed, happened in the afternoon:

I went for a walk with the boys - we skipped a foreign lesson language. Lesha Nikanorov and Sergei Makarov were with me and we went to the park. At about half past three we saw a sphere flying very slowly from the direction of the kindergarten. The sphere is large, in the middle it had something similar to the letter "Zh", and on one side there are two antennas.

He passed over the light post and landed near the poplar. Its color was pink, but it changed its color. The sphere stood on four legs. Then a hatch opened, a ladder descended, and three people got out: two people and a robot. They carried the robot out on their hands, put it on its feet, made it come alive - pressed it several times on the chest - and it walked like a human.

When the sphere landed, the guys and I ended up on opposite sides of it: the guys on one side, me on the other. The alien walked towards me, extended his hand. And I got scared, climbed a tree and trembled with fear. The alien's head was large, twice as large as ours, and it had three eyes, almost at the same level, only the third eye was some kind of red and in a mesh. He was taller than average. Then the aliens went to Alyosha Nikanorov. He first looked at them, then ran to the house.

Sergei Makarov added to the story of his friend:

There was nothing to be seen inside the sphere. When the door opened, a bright light beamed from there, blinding us. The aliens were dressed in silver suits, silver vests with clasps and buttons, and silver boots. Their faces were brown, their skin smooth, their hands, I think, five fingered."

Volodia Startshev drawing:

[ Volodia Startshev drawing of the UFO and Alien](Startshev reenacting the UFO incident of climbing the tree to escape from the alien:

[ Volodia Startshev climbing up a tree to escape the Alien UFO occupant](Murzenko:


Dennis Murzenko, like Startsev, studies at the same 33rd school in a parallel seventh grade. He was the only schoolchild witness who saw the UFO, not in the park, but next to his own house on [Tsimlyanskaya Ulitsa (street view):](the twenty-eighth of September, my mother and I were going to a Presnyakov concert. I had already dressed and decided to take a walk. The time was ten minutes past seven. I go out onto the road, look at the sky and see: something pink, like an egg, is flying, big, big, and rays depart from it. It was descending, at a height of about the seventh floor, it released two legs and began to swing and move back and forth. Then it started to slowly drop.

I look, it has the letter Zh on it and the outlines of a person, like a shadow from there, from the inside. Head and torso as tall as me. The face is old. I stood, and it sank lower and lower. I got scared and ran to my house. When I turned around, I saw bright rays. The object landed near the sheds, next to reinforced concrete slabs. There was a sound like music. In the open hatch I saw the silhouette of a man. After that, I ran into the house... "

Dennis Murzenko Drawing:

[ Dennis Murzenko Drawing of the UFO and Alien Occupant](A. Matveyev:

A. Matveyev:

Was it not this apparatus descending to the ground that was seen by police lieutenant S. A. Matveyev, who was not far from the park on the evening of September 27?

I had to go get some bread. I looked at the clock - 18.45. I managed to go to the store just before closing, and when I returned home, it was ten minutes past seven. At that time, I saw a reddish sphere in the sky, which was flying towards the aircraft factory. It was about the size of the moon. Next to me was a neighbor. We looked at the sphere for two or three minutes. After exchanging impressions, we decided to wait to see if he would appear again. Indeed, twenty minutes later, another sphere flew along the same trajectory, outwardly the same as the first."

I observed this phenomenon around 19 pm. It was already quite dark, the sky was cloudy. The white object was flying completely soundlessly at an altitude of about 200-250 meters (650-825 feet). It moved quite quickly, without any rays or illumination. There was only a slight "neon" glow around him. It flew into the lateral side of the reservoir and, it seemed to me, began to descend. In any case, I observed this phenomenon for a short time, about five seconds. Unfortunately, I didnt see how it landed, but the fact that the object flew completely silently and at high speed is can be considered quite reliable."

To see the original Soviet TV NEWS special and the Spanish TV special on the Voronezh landing, see this post:


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Fire Feather

When Nova Nightingale sets out to find her missing sister in her small town, she isn't expecting to uncover dangerous supernatural secrets that challenge her understanding of reality-and everything she knows.

Aurora Nightingale has been missing from Hell's Cove for three years.

Everyone assumes she's dead.

Everyone, that is, except for her younger sister, Nova.

So when Nova is approached by a beautiful and strange boy in the wood promising he can help her find her sister, she risks everything to strike a deal and find the truth.

But it might just get her more than she bargained for.

word count: 80,000-90,000 words]]

Fire Feather on Wattpad

Experiences I Had Bonus of My Aunt

So, none of these are bad or scary (except maybe one) and are mostly bitter sweet or pleasant, but I wanted to share some of my experiences with 'other.'

I am a scientist by education and trade (have worked in sciences), and a teacher in career. So, I am skeptical to the core. That said, I know unexplainable things exist, and I accept them.

My first story is really short. I only know this from my mother. This is also the only potentially "scary" one. When I was like 1 or 2, we lived in a house in NW Florida. Apparently, my mom had a weird feeling at that house and I would cry and scream every time we pulled into the driveway.

My second story happened when I was exploring my spirituality, beliefs, etc. I spent a lot of time learning about religions and philisophies from all over the world. I was raised Christian by a catholic mom and agnostic father. But I was given the freedom to explore and learn and make religion and spirituality the personal relationship it is supposed to be. In that time, I started delving into shamanic practices and went on a deep meditation journey. During the journey, I ended up in a forest clearing and met my guardian spirit. After a while, I was told it was time to go and I slowly came out of my state. It had been over an hour (I noted the time at start and end). My music had ended, my incense was burned to nothing, and my room was dark, as the sun hadn't set when I started. I made several more journals over the next few years, and even piqued the curiosity of some classmates who then sought out theirs. That said, I need to start making them again.

My third story is a series of related feelings and experiences. The summer between high school and college, I went to Sequoia National Park. The first thing that happened was when I stood next to one of the trees and touched it. I was suddenly overwhelmed, and nearly collapsed. I began sobbing at the tidal wave of emotion. Then, a little later, I was standing at the base of a fallen tree, watching a mother brown bear and her cubs descend the hill. She and her cubs stopped at the other end. She sat there while they played. Every so often she would look at the people that had gathered. But when her eyes would meet mine, my eyes would well up and I could feel something warm and powerful stirring deep in my being. It was beautiful and peaceful despite the magnitude. A month after this, I was at an aquarium and a harbor seal kept swimming away and towards me. Every time it came back, it stared at me. And the intensity of that stare reverberated deep in my soul. And then, at one point, it was like lightning stuck me with the words "this is what you're supposed to do" with an onslaught of thoughts, concepts, feelings, and... it's hard to explain. In that moment, I felt more sure of anything and Iknew that I would overcome any and all obstacles and adversity. I changed my major to marine biology. I struggled, but the existential assuredness I got that day helped me fave each challenge and persevere. Today, I teach sciences in high school with a bachelor of science in marine biology and a master of science in aquatic environmental science.

In 1999, I lost my best friend at the time. He was a horse named Stormy. He belonged to my aunt and I saw him every weekend. I changed schools during elementary school and so he was my friend through it all. Losing him was so devastating. Growing up for many years (until I met my guardian spirit) I could feel him at my lowest times.

In 2019, I had to let my little old lady cat go. She was 19 and her health deteriorated very quickly. I had her from 6 weeks old to the last Friday of that May. The last night we had her she went blind and deaf in my arms. Her kidneys failed, too (I tried to give her some water and it just went right through her, no filtering). It was heart breaking. I held her all night and didn't sleep. I spoke to her, even though she couldn't hear me. I knew she could feel the vibrations and the beat of my heart. And she could smell me, because when I moved a certain distance away she would freak out. Friday morning, we took her to the vet and held her until she was gone. I felt so bad because the week before we took her to an emergency vet for something they could help her get past, and she was alone there without us (it was 2 hours away) for seven days before they released her to us. She had fluid on her chest. They drained it and wanted to keep her for observation. They were hopeful and positive she would improve. She did. However, they noticed other things and wanted to extend the observation. They called me to tell me they had found evidence of severe underlying neurological problems and she wasn't going to make it. We went and got her and the events above occurred. So, the paranormal part. We said good bye Friday morning. Friday night, as I lay down to go to sleep. I suddenly feel her soft steps jump onto the bed, climb up to my chest and curl up under my chin. I could feel the weight of her little 5 12 body right there, warm and breathing (she was never a purrer). She slept with me one last time the way I had held her the previous night before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Bonus story: my aunt lost one of her sons in a freeway incident back in the 80s. In the 90s, she was involved in a terrorist attack. As she lay under concrete and rebar, bleeding and partially in water, her son came to her and told her it wasn't her time. They talked for a moment or two before he told her to start yelling for help and disappeared. She did, and a few moments later, she was found and transported to a hospital where she received life saving treatments.

Posted on Reddit by BlyLomdi.

Midnight walk to school

I couldn't sleep and felt like doing something. I decided I would go to a school nearby where I had an experience. I went a day prior with a friend at 12. And didn't catch anything on camera but their was gravel on half side of the field. Anyway we were on the grass and I thought I heard something so I told my friend to shut up and just let me listen. We both heard someone take a step. I immediately had a bad feeling about this and decided we both gotta go. A day later when I woke up my friend texted if I caught anything on camera I went back and noticed their was footsteps once in awhile. Each step was getting closer until me and my friend eventually heard it. Now a day later when I went alone the front light which is always on just flickered a crap ton then just turned off. I thought it burned out and didn't think much of it. I was walking on the field recording again and was just standing middle of the field. I saw someone come behind a crate and start running at me. Some reason I didn't run I wasn't even scared i just thought who the hell is that?. They kept running at me then it just suddenly vanished in the field. At that point I started to feel creeped out and walking closer to the place I saw the person. I didn't see anyone then had a feeling I should go. I was walking away then the front light of the school turned back on. The feeling just went away after I walked off the school property. I haven't been back in a year and plan to go back tonight

Posted on Reddit by Signal-Front-3276.

She Sees Me

Who is Jay? Book 2 of the See Me Series Must read He Sees Me first!

She Sees Me on Wattpad

Theres something on my staircase

Hey all, I have two stories about some creepy things that involved the staircase at my childhood home.

This first time I experienced anything happened to me back in 2006 when I was 15. I went to the dentist one morning. When I was done my mom told me we would head back to our house so she could make me something to eat before dropping me off at school. I remember I was sitting at the kitchen table just talking to my mom about how school was going while she was cooking me some food. The kitchen table was right in front of the staircase that led up to the 2nd floor where mine my brothers' rooms were, I was sitting at the side of the table where my back would be facing the staircase. While Im sitting there I could feel a breeze on the back of my neck, then out of nowhere I could hear someone say What are you doing in a creepy voice. As I start to turn around I could see this black figure running down the stairs towards me, I yell jump across the kitchen table knocking everything over. (Reminder this is at around 930am, the sun is completely out, everything was going normal like any other day up until that point)

My mom turned around looking at me and asked what just happened, I told her what I had heard seen. My mom said she did hear anyone or see anyone or hear anyone coming down the stairs, we went looked up stairs throughout the house but we didnt find anything, we were the only two there. My dad was at work already (Starts work at 5am) my brother had left for school at 830am. That was the first but definitely not the last time I would hear footsteps coming up down the stairs.

The second story I have for y'all actually happened to my mom but it kinda involved me.

So this had to happen about 5 years later when I was 20. My brother I both had the night off of work so we decided to stay home play some COD with our friends online. It was just like any other night just having a good time playing videos. It was probably around 1am when our mom came upstairs asking us to keep our voices down we told her sorry for being so loud. She headed back downstairs, a few minutes later me my brother could hear her talking she was saying my name but we couldnt make out what she was saying.

About 2 minutes later she came back up the stairs asked me what I was saying to her, I had a look of confusion on my face told her I didnt know what she was talking about. She told both me my brother that while she was getting a drink of water she seen me walk down the stairs wearing my hoodie with the hood over my head said I sat down on the stairs started talking to her but she couldnt really understand what I was telling her, then she said I stood back up just walked back up the stairs thats when she came back up to ask me what I was saying. My brother I both told her that I didnt go downstairs to talk to her that I was in my room the whole time. She just looked at us well something was talking to me down there.

That was the last time I remember something creepy happening that involved the staircase. We lived there for another 4 years without anything like that happening again.

Posted on Reddit by Beardedwithguns.

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