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Lego people live in houses made of their own flesh..

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House stories with more weirdness than you might have wanted wait for your eyeballs below...

Horror Stories

There are some horror stories which will make u jump..

get ready to get some goosebumps...enjoy it

Horror Stories on Wattpad

Hearing screaming through the vents in the house.

The past couple of nights, my house mate and I have been hearing screaming coming from the vent on the second floor.

There are four of us that live in the house. Its a woman screaming, and me and the other girl both stay on the same floor and we were both upstairs when it was heard. One of my roommates was working the night shift when we heard it, and the other one was not there the first time.

Its worth noting that the scream sounds almost hysterical, its only heard late at night or in the really early morning hours, and its only for a few seconds at a time, on and off, for about a minute. No idea what to think.

Posted on Reddit by Galaxy-Maggie.

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Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a being was stirring, as I started to douse...

...the apartment in petrol, and whispered "amen", their bodies before me, we're together again.

Posted on Reddit by HenchmanJoe.

The Victorian Haunting

A new family moves in down the street.


The neighbors know what's about to happen, but they don't bother to say anything.

They know the secret your Realtor "forgot" to tell you.

The Victorian Haunting on Wattpad

Is the house Im renting haunted?

About 6 months ago my parents and I decided to take a big step in our lives and move from Utah to Arizona. After several months of going through the process of selling our previous house and also finishing all the paperwork to start the construction our new house in AZ, we finally made the big move and moved into a rental house that was conveniently close to where our new house was being built. The house we are now renting is very nice but obviously not home so its definitely been quite an adjustment for my parents and I but still have been in very high spirits when we think about moving into our new home (soon) and starting our new lives in AZ, but soon that changed when all three of us started experiencing something strange and very unexplainable.

After living in the rental for about a month, I had my first experience. I was laying in bed late at night when i thought I felt vibrations and pounding on my floor then pressure on my bed that made its way to the head of my head. It felt like someone came running into my room then jumped onto my bed then started running up to where my head was laying. I quickly jumped up to look around and saw nothing, so I just assumed I was half asleep and lightly dreamt it all. The next night it happened again, and this time I was wide awake. It felt so real and scared the $#!# out of me. It got to the point where I was too scared to fall asleep. This went on for about two weeks when I finally decided to tell my parents about what I was experiencing, and when I told them they were shocked. It turns out they were also experiencing some similar things but different ones as well.

These same things have been happening on and off for months now.. We are growing more and more impatient and each week passes. We cant wait to get out of this house. Please lmk if you want to hear more stories and or want any updates

Posted on Reddit by Its_Sheesha.

I don't know what I encountered, and I'm still afraid to walk outside my house at night

Okay, so for some context, my family just got an 8 week old puppy, and I (23 NB) don't get home from work till about 1am. Well, normally we have the puppy sleeping in his cage in the living room where my grandparents sleep, and when I got home that night I saw his cage open with no sign of him around and got a little confused but, thought maybe he was sleeping in my parents room or something. Realizing I left my phone charger in my car, I went outside to grab it and have a quick cigarette. While I was smoking I thought I heard the squeals and yelps of the puppy over in our neighbors wheatfield next to our house, we live up in the mountains of PA so there's a lot of farm land and woods around us. Thinking I might have accidentally let him outside without realizing it I ran the charger inside and grabbed my phone to have a light. When I was back outside and got closer to the dead wheatfield, I could hear an animal walking around but couldn't see the dead wheat moving at all, so I started trying to coax what I thought was the puppy closer to me, the footsteps sounded cautious but started getting closer and louder, loud enough that it sounded like the dead wheat in front of me should've been visibly depressed even in the small light of my phone flashlight. What I heard next is a sound I will NEVER forget and honestly sent the worst chills I've had down my spine. It sounded like a power drill but REALLY loud, like it was playing in a speaker directly against my ear, the scariest part was it sounded like it was coming from something natural, or at least not mechanical. I ran for my life and now when I'm outside I hear breathing,footsteps and other weird sounds but nothing like what I heard that night. That was 2 weeks ago and Im still not sure what I heard, can someone please help me possibly figure out what it was I encountered and why it still feels like whatever it was is watching me outside my house

(EDIT: THE PUPPY IS SAFE AND OKAY!! I found out the next morning that he had been sleeping under the blanket on the floor next to my grandmother! My apologies for forgetting to wrap that part up )

Posted on Reddit by CCXero.

The Kids Aren't Alright

The year is 1988, and Finn, Ronan, Becca and Jasper are spending the summer at a reformatory camp located deep in the Yukon.

The camp, named Lightlake, is the last chance the teens have to get their lives back on track, but changing for the better isn't easy - and especially not at a place like Lightlake, where secrets outnumber the campers and myths have a way of coming to life.

This story is now free on Wattpad.

word count: 200,000-250,000 words]]

The Kids Aren't Alright on Wattpad

The house that made me a believer

Shortly before becoming pregnant with my second child in 2008 we moved into a 100 year old mansion that had been renovated into separate apartments. I'd never had any sort of paranormal experience before living here, so most of what I experienced I brushed off or made excuses for, but some things were really hard to ignore. I would frequently see shadows or movements out of the corner of my eye, hear whispers that very distinctly sounded like they were coming from inside my apartment and would often have lights turn on and off by themselves.

One night in the middle of summer (I was about 7 months pregnant at the time) I was struggling to get comfortable in bed but finally settled on my back with my hands above my head. No sooner had I started to relax that I felt a cold hand on my stomach, it took me a moment to realize that the hand was coming from the wrong direction. It was as if someone standing beside my bed had their hand on my stomach. I immediately sat up and looked around but no one was there other than my ex who was facing the opposite direction. I told him what happened and he told me it was probably the baby kicking and I was mistaken (what I felt was definitely not that!). Shortly after this I started to see a yellow flowing dress with small flowers. I don't really know how to explain it. It was like I constantly would see the tail end of some one walking into a room or down the hall. I never got to see the whole person, just the back of the flowing dress, every time I saw it it didn't feel scary but peaceful.

After the birth of my second child we moved into a bigger apartment across the hall in the same house. I immediately noticed the atmosphere felt different, like the air felt almost heavy. The second night there I could hear voices on the baby monitor. Thinking maybe it was picking up voices from the apartment above ours (and being the nosey person I am), I layed there with my eyes closed and the monitor pressed to my ear listening hard trying to pick up what was being said. Suddenly I could hear a door in my sons room slowly creak open on the monitor, I stopped breathing trying to listen closely thinking I was going to hear my sons tiny voice or small footsteps; instead it sounded like someone heavy with steel toed boots on was running down my hallway, into my room and then they launched themselves onto the bottom of our bed. The whole bed shook. I felt paralyzed, my ex started screaming thinking we had an intruder but there was no one was there. We tried to rationalize what had happened, maybe a spring got caught in the mattress during the move and happened to release at that exact moment and maybe the footsteps I heard were actually from upstairs... All I know is that from then on I was absolutely terrified to stay in the apartment without lots of lights on at night.

There was also a weird roomstorage area attached to my sons room that gave me the absolute creeps and I could never get the door to stay closed. I put a hook and eye lock at the top of the door and almost every day I would go in and the lock would be off and the door would be open. We never used that room and my son was only 3 at the time. Finding the door open always gave me anxiety, like that feeling you get right before something bad happens, which is such a weird thing to say about a random empty room but it's true.

Not one second from the time I moved into that apartment until I moved out a few months later did I ever feel comfortable, I always felt like I was being watched.

After moving out I met multiple people that lived in that house and every single one talked about all the weird unexplainable things that happened while they lived there. This is the only place that I have ever lived that I've had weird, creepy andor unexplainable experiences

Posted on Reddit by booboo2022.

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