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It's funny how supersticious people fear graveyards considering how they usually also believe that the dead haunt the place where they died.

On an unrelated note...

It's okay if the weird graveyard stories below freak you out! I'm pretty sure that's what they're supposed to do...

The Graveyard

Ashton Irwin goes into a graveyard despite being told not to.

The result? An annoying ghost named Michael Clifford who won't stop torturing and haunting him.


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I just wish kids would stop daring each other to go to the graveyard at night.

I really think I'm starting to get fat...

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I recently saw my grandparents graves. I did what everyone should do at the graveyards. That was pay your respects and clean up other graves. I walked in front of a grave. I smelled a perfume and I asked my mom do you smell that. She said no. I thought it was someone saying hello!


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Mirror Mirror On The Wall

What if you were looking in the mirror and your reflection suddenly started doing things differently.

Things have been getting pretty strange for 14 year old Klay.

He could've sworn he saw his reflection look a different way.

Too bad no one believes him of course.

Stranger things begin to happpen.

Klay's parents won't talk to him.

No one at school talks to him or touches him.

Everyone pretends he doesn't exist.

Well that's what Klay thinks.

One day Klay looks into the mirror shocked to see himself sitting with his own parents when he wasn't.

Klay will have to face his biggest fear.


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Graveyard stories???

Anyone have any creepy graveyard stories? Have also heard, if you leave a tape recorder over night at a cemetery, you can play it back and hear voices. Is this true? Anyone tried this experiment?

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Graveyard security guard

So I recently started a security guard job for the graveyard shift. The building has 12 floors, roof access, and 2 parking garages for reference. No one but me and my partner are supposed to be in the building over night. Also you need a key card to use the elevator or get in the doors to the stairwell. Anyway the first night one of the motion activated toilets went off when no one was near it (we had to do a bathroom patrol it happened right when we opened the door on a vacant floor).

A week ago I was doing a patrol from the 12th floor mechanical room. As I left the room into the stairwell, the rooftop door was being rattled and slightly banged on. I ran up there and there was nothing, I assumed it was a bird or something. I started my way down and then the 11th floor door started jiggling. I jog my way down cause it's my job and I had to go there anyway. I swipe my key and there's no one yet again. The it was quiet besides toilets and walkie-talkies going off when we weren't touching it.

Last night I was doing bathroom patrol at 4am, listening to my music in one ear. I get to the 11th floor to start and I hear footsteps behind me, I pulled out the headphone while turning around getting ready to tell them to get out. Yet again no one, but right as those footsteps stopped there were heavy footsteps on the floor above me but then they stopped right above me when I figured out where they were coming from. After I got out of that floor into the stairwell and shut the door I heard it sound like it was trying to open but wasn't moving. There isn't any wind inside the building and nothing showed up on security cameras. I might try to record tonight not sure if I'm allowed do that or not though I'll have to ask. Sorry for the long post

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After discovering she's a descendant of Hades, Avery must find a way to escape those hunting her and ultimately choose between her two opposing soulmates.

Once Avery Stavros kissed her best friend's older brother Vladimir, she knew there was no turning back.

But as the only living Stavros left, she needs to make a careful decision between him and Adrian despite being able to read both of their minds - something that should only be possible between her and her one soulmate.

Love or life? Which one is more important? Loving someone or saving your own life? When the Greek gods and goddesses start meddling with the life of humans, everything's doomed to crash and burn.

What will Avery do to protect the one - or ones - she loves? [[word count: 70,000-80,000 words]]

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Stuck in a graveyard in middle of night and being surrounded.

This happened to me and a friend this past summer.

We decided to go to a smaller graveyard way out of town, maybe 20 miles or so. He wanted to go to his uncle's(?) gravestone and try to talk to him. We attempted to contact his uncle's(?) We of course wouldn't trust any spirit talking to us, and we didn't. So we do what we wished, and get ready to go.

Start the truck, put into drive. It doesn't go into drive, and is not shifting anywhere out of park. Mind you this is near 2:00 AM or so. We don't think much about it, and go about trying to diagnose the issue with the truck, without finding any issues. At this point, the spirits in the graveyard are mostly leaving us alone. We called our buddy who was near 40 miles out from us to pick us up. We both suddenly get an earie feeling, and almost can see all of these spirits in this graveyard start circling us. This is the first time I've really felt genuine fear about spirits. Their energy was radiating negativity, and was feeling as if it was growing and growing.

Our friend thank the lords picked us up before 3:00 AM hit. I would not want to know what would have happened or what we would have seen if we would have been left there for 15 minutes longer as the clock hit 3. We ended up getting the truck towed to a mechanic, which said the damage on the line going to the transmission had damage he had not seen before. Not normal wear and tear or anything that should normally happen, and this truck was working completely fine just before.

I hope this sends a message to some people wanting to mess around in graveyards at night, please don't. There was something that was wanting us to stay longer until 3 AM hit. I'm not sure what they wanted, but I know for a fact it wasn't anything pleasant.

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