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One Bite

There's no such thing as fairy tales.

Only nightmares twisted into more pleasant versions to entertain children and lure them into false pretense.

After seventeen years in isolation, Zara receives two shocking pieces of information.

She is a rare white werewolf and must choose a mate from among the future Alphas within the four other packs under her father's abusive control.

Zara begins her transformation and attempts to overcome her ignorance of the world her father has kept hidden from her.

Once she leaves her isolated home and travels to the four territories to meet her potential mates, she must learn how to fight in wolf form, disentangle the truth about herself from her father's lies, and figure out who's side she's on once war breaks out.

status: complete highest rankings: 1 - supernatural, paranormal, beta, werewolfromance, paranormalromance 2 - mate, creatures, silver 3 - youngadult 12 - forest 16 - alpha

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Was taking a walk through the forest yesterday and found some strange footprints

This morning I woke up and saw the exact same footprints beside my bed

Posted on Reddit by luketyluke32.

You have found an old looking radio in a forest, still on, playing an 80's style tune.

There have been historical notes starting from 800 years ago telling about a rectangular object in the woods which plays the same melody over and over.

Posted on Reddit by vekhril.

One Of Us

They wanted some people to join them.

They wanted some people to be dead.

But they wanted me to suffer.

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Hello? Is anybody out there? I called out as I walked through the dark forest

After hearing the response I wish I had stayed silent

Posted on Reddit by Jimothy_cringeman.

I'm sold: "The Dark Forest" theory, is the puzzle piece solution that makes sense of everything.

It seems like this theory is gaining prominence, and I think it's because it resonates by making so much sense... Before I used to believe in simulation as the answer to the Fermi Paradox explaining what happens in the late stage of intelligence (They digitize themselves into a safe and superior simulation), but the problem was is it didn't logically beat the numbers game of "Well okay, but even if 1 chose not to, why don't we see them anywhere?" The dark forest theory completely seals up that gap. They ARE everywhere, but everyone is hiding.

When every advanced species has effectively a doomsday device that can wipe out another civilization in the blink of an eye before they even knew what hit them, logically, everyone would want to hide so no one wipes them out, and attack first soon as they find someone else, to stay safe by not exposing themselves to someone else who can wipe them out.

This makes so much sense as to why they are hiding... And more than that, explains why the government wants to keep this ET things secret. Before, I used to not see much logic in why the government would keep ET's secret, especially if they had the tech. There is just too much money, power, prestige, and so on, to actually use it. However, if the answer is that 1) Using this tech will make our planet glow, it could invite first strike ET's to become aware of our existence and 2) The reality of the nature of what's going out in the universe, actually is terrifying.

Prior, I never liked the idea that "People can't handle the truth" as the reasoning, because I think the reasoning for it was always stupid that "religions would parish, people would panic, and society would collapse" merely knowing ET's exist. The simple knowledge of their existence wouldn't do that, especially considering a majority of people think ET's already visit the Earth (according to Americans anyway). However, if the knowledge of ET's also came with the revelation that sure maybe the Grey's are nice, but everyone is staying quiet and hidden (something they are great at) because there are hostile first strike hyper advanced species out there who have experienced a long history of watching civilizations get vaporized in a second. These first strikers have seen entire civilizations get wiped out, so they will not ever risk the chance of another civilization rising to advanced levels again. That they see any moderately intelligent species as a potential future threat, and will kill immediately without hesitation.

That would absolutely shake society to it's core, knowing for a fact that we are absolutely vulnerable with no defense, against a hostile species looking for advanced life to deploy a defensive first strike on. We'd lose our $#!#.

But it also solves so many more problems:

ET's are disabling our nukes, not because they want to save us from killing ourselves amongst each other. They've seen us experience extinction level events. They know some of us will survive and go on... What they are really worried about are nuclear bombs creating pings out into the universe that first strike species can use to locate our existence.

ET's are so elusive because that's what skill is required to survive in space. You have to have the technology to be as quiet and avoidable as possible.

ET's don't want to make contact, or our government admit it, because the knowledge of this could terrify us.

The universe isn't dead, but it's got plenty of highly intelligent life. It's just that the ones who survived to become advanced and haven't been wiped out, have learned to be very very quiet and masterful at avoiding detection.

The Grey's look humanoid because they are literally designed in our image to act as "divine" protectors. Humanoid because they would be able to more easily be approachable to humans when the time is needed. Another species created them in a lab with the sole purpose as sitting back with super advanced technology, to protect us from pinging out into the universe as well as defend against a potential first strike attempt (Think of that story told in Germany where they reported a battle between stars).

Overall, I think it just ties it all up. Why we don't see anything, why the government is hiding it, and why people like Lue and Tom talk about the truth being absolutely terrifying.

Posted on Reddit by duffmanhb.



After discovering she's a descendant of Hades, Avery must find a way to escape those hunting her and ultimately choose between her two opposing soulmates.

Once Avery Stavros kissed her best friend's older brother Vladimir, she knew there was no turning back.

But as the only living Stavros left, she needs to make a careful decision between him and Adrian despite being able to read both of their minds - something that should only be possible between her and her one soulmate.

Love or life? Which one is more important? Loving someone or saving your own life? When the Greek gods and goddesses start meddling with the life of humans, everything's doomed to crash and burn.

What will Avery do to protect the one - or ones - she loves? [[word count: 70,000-80,000 words]]

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Kurzgesagt Just Released a Video on The Dark Forest Theory

[to note that The Dark Forest Trilogy, written by Cixin Liu, is highly recommended by 2 particularly high-profile individuals - Zuckerberg and Obama. And now, it is further given credence by Kurzgesagt, which is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

I'm no longer a fan of Kurzgesagt, given how Gates is not really the good guy that media portrays him to be, but still, interesting that this video about hostile aliens has come out now.

Do I believe the Dark Forest theory per se? Not necessarily. I'm not entirely convinced; but I'm not counting it out, either.


Regarding TDF theory, for me personally, it's either we've been subjugated and are under the powerful protection of those that exploit us for genetic research and whatnot; or, in our area in space, nobody is around that has planet-busting technology (yet).

Regarding Gates, it's really weird how many people jump to defend him. Please watch this video of Gates being sketchy af. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

[not talking about the 5G stuff. I'm talking about legitimate concerns, such as his ties to Epstein, the sketchy dealings of his various organizations, and his suspiciously crafted persona. It's really not a good idea for humanity to be simping for billionaires. We should hold them to account just like everybody else, even if we use Windows at home and for work, or have otherwise benefitted from some of Gates' work. We can be more discerning and nuanced than that. If we're gonna have serious conversations about the alien phenomenon, our mouths can't be busy sucking Gates'Musk'sBezos' dcks.

Posted on Reddit by housebear3077.

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