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What's in a name?

Good names enhance beauty, express inherent qualities and roll right off the tongue.

Bad names, well, they're bad.

The names gathered up in this article make this poor guy's name seem normal:

lets ask dr faartz for his opinion

Actually, no... Nothing Makes that guy's name seem normal.

The Vietnamese Dong (VND)

10 Đồng - North Vietnam (1958) 01

Vietnamese Shop Owner - Good day, sir. What might I help you with? (in Vietnamese!)

Me - Ah, yes. I'd like special number 69, please. (Also in Vietnamese!)

Vietnamese Shop Owner - But, of course, sir. That will be 120,000 DONG!! (In English, for effect.)

Me - Oh, um, ok... Thanks, but I think I'll be going now... (To myself while shedding a tear for humanity.)

South Vietnam 500 Dong 1966

Surprisingly, pronouncing this currency's name exactly as it is written is apparently correct (if Wikipedia is to be believed).

Despite all the fancy accents added to it in Vietnamese lettering - đồng - it's still pronounced the way you wish it weren't.

Showing Animals Respect and Kindness or "SHARK"

SHARK for peace

This very appropriately named initiative for humane animal treatment brings only the best animal thoughts to mind.

Nothing boosts innate human affection for animal-kind like SHARK. It's the ultimate cuddly call to action.

Indeed, the very first time I held a puppy, my mind shrieked SHARK!

To this day, I always try my best to SHARK. Some might say I SHARK by default. SHARK is second nature to me.

SHARK is respectful and kind

But SHARK wasn't always SHARK - it all started off as a noble vision in the inner eye of a certain Steve Hindi.

Hindi founded an organization named the Fox Valley Animal Protectors.

Their mission - record animal abuse and disseminate the horrible footage to major news agencies, alerting the public to such practices as they are discovered.

Although STOPPING the abuse would probably be better than filming it in secret, it's clear Hindi's heart is in the right place.

Over time the group became the "Chicago Animal Rights Coalition", then finally "Showing Animals Respect and Kindness".

Their mascot is indeed a shark, but no, they don't deal with aquatic critters.

In fact, they mostly focus on protecting rodeo animals at the moment. But, that makes perfect sense because SHARK.

Booti Booti National Park, Australia

I have it on good authority that news about this scandalous national park name has yet to capture mainstream attention...

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Ok, maybe a few people have already heard of this one, but...

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Ahem, I said BUTT...

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Oh, whatever...

Booti Booti, (Posterior Posterior for the easily embarassed) is a lovely national park in New South Wales, Australia comprised of three majestic hills connected by beautiful beachfront sand.

The gentle curve of Booti Hill makes for a particularly majestic view (oh, enough already!).

I can't be arsed to crack another Booti joke.

Cox Models - An American Hobby Craft Company (of Course!)

the best model engines are made by Cox

Yep, nothing to see here folks... Just models made by Cox. Keep moving.

Cox Models was a particularly impressive brand devoted entirely to the creation of fully functional miniature vehicles and kits.

These miniatures have their own engines and have been designed to run on a number of different combustible fuel sources over the years.

cox engine

The company's name, however, is a true testament to the importance of a second opinion in any endeavor.

Despite multiple name changes, mergers, sales and consolidations, "Cox" has always been kept in the name.

Yes, the founder, Roy Cox (you stop laughing this instant!), wanted to be remembered for his excellent model designs, but some names are just too terrible to be tossed around like that.

And boy has this one been tossed around...

Cox Manufacturing Co > Cox Company > Cox Hobbies > Cox Models > Cox International

Gee, what's next? Let me guess... Galactic Cox? Maybe, Cox Universe or even Cox Dimension. The very sky is the limit to the expansion of Cox.

Heaven forbid they get into robotics...

The African Dik-Dik Antelope

dikdik antelopes are cute

Dik-Diks stand about a foot tall and can weigh up to 13 pounds.

When Dik-Diks get scared, they whistle and, sometimes, make a noise that goes a little like this:


A perceptive reader like you has probably guessed the origin of this adorable little creature's name by now.

Don't touch my dik-dik

Dik-Diks drink no water. Dik-Diks have no need for anything but shoots and berries.

Dik-Diks don't cheat. Seriously, they're all strictly monogamous.

Dik-Diks fight though, but only occassionally, and it's strictly no physical contact.

They run directly at one another, stopping short to nod in furious satisfaction before turning away.

Dik-Diks are very real, despite sounding like something very ridiculous I made up on the spot to add to this article.

Network-Based Intrusion Prevention Systems - NIPS

servers need NIPS

Nothing stops a DDoS attack like tough NIPS.

Impenetrable NIPS stop would-be network hackers from seizing control of a local network.

Multiple approaches to threat detection are employed by NIPS at once to heighten their effectiveness.

The hacking world is a cold, hard place, but NIPS are colder and harder than most of the attackers who test them.

Seriously, I can't keep this up.

Names are a dime a dozen in our hurdy-gurdy human societies, but these names are all pretty special, aren't they?

Read about a Japanese amphibious tank next.


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