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Its probably much better to be famous in the wizarding world because you can still go out without most people recognizing you.

Yet and still...

These exceptionally strange wizard stories and books could be a bit more than you bargained for. Read on, brave visitor, for more...

Lost and Insecure - One Direction Fanfiction

Five boys, each unique, some more than others.

All treated like trash.


No one but themselves.

What happens when fate brings them together? Will the past finally catch up to them? Or will they fight together as one to defeat it?

Lost and Insecure - One Direction Fanfiction on Wattpad

When I was a child there came a dark wizard to our town who raised the dead and made all fig trees dry up.

We thought it stopped after we crucified him but three days later he returned and brought new terrors with him.

Posted on Reddit by novel_antle.

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Baba Cloanta In Walgreens

This has been on my mind for a while now and I think my family has a spell. So about 70 years ago my great great grandfather used to be a master wizard in Romania and he used to go out to the fields and play his flute and then he would literally disappear and hes doing his sorcery and what not. Same thing with his daughter, my aunt walked in on her doing witchcraft and the table was floating and she was speaking tongues, she also apparently also killed her husband with sorcery so all kinds of dark stuff. In 2014 (Im 12 at this time) my 2 older sisters, my mom and I were at Walgreens, while one of my sisters and mom were distracted me and my other sister saw this old lady dressed how my family used to dress back in the day (if you look up the title name thats exactly how she looked) and she had her fingers fully extended while slowly moving them like a taunt with her arms still down to her side. She had solid eye contact for 10 seconds with us and it felt like she was reaching in our soul. Me and my sister freaked out thinking its a weird old Romanian lady staring at us so we went to our mom 5ft away and asked her to look and she was gone, I looked in the whole store right after so 15 seconds after we broke eye contact, there was no way a old lady walking slow wouldve walked past us cause she was cornered in the opposite side of the exit, in the actual corner of the store. So Im just convinced my family has a curse and we have some witches following us cause our family switched sides.

Posted on Reddit by Notaundercoveragent.

Til Death (MXM)

A 500 year old curse dictates that Blake and Daniel must get married before the end of the year or their families will suffer the grave consequences.

However, the couple figures there must be some way to get around the curse, some way to convince the demon that created the curse to change the rules.

There must be some way to be free from this arranged marriage.

If only they could avoid falling in love too.

Saying no to the arrange marriage is not an option.

Blake's family will lose the magic that created their empire and if Daniel says no, his family of vampires will turn to dust.

They can't say no without ruining the lives of the people they love the very most but...

all Blake wants to do is be free and experience the world outside his sheltered lifestyle and Daniel just wants to focus on work and bringing his kingdom into a golden age.

Blake finds himself in way over his head, realizing Danny, the kid he thought was such a punk, turns out to be Daniel, the future king of the largest coven of vampires in the world.

He can't dance, doesn't know proper etiquette and doesn't even own one pair of dress shoes.

Daniel puts himself to the task of changing Blake from being a pauper to a prince as long as they're engaged.

But why? What kind of demon makes a deal like that? What did the demon get from this? Those are the questions both Blake and Daniel ask each other and on one dumb drunk night, they decide to ask the demon, Ignacio, himself.

Is there something more sinister involved in this contract? Are there ways someone else can bend it's rules?

Til Death (MXM) on Wattpad

[DEC2020] I feared no ice wizard, my magical cloak protected me from all cold and ice!

So I went forth boldly, sword drawn, until I felt the ice crystals slowly started filling my lungs

Posted on Reddit by oskhen85.

Blue lightning in the midst of night

So this happened a few years ago. I was camping with some friends in a rural area where there wasn't much more around than a few farms.

Two of my friends and I stayed up all night since it was a nice, warm summer night and we talked a lot while looking at the stars. I think it was somewhere between 3-5 AM (didn't really keep track of the time this far into the night) when suddenly I saw what I still can't explain today.

It happened very quickly. A sort of lightning flash shot into the sky, but it was blue and came from the earth. I could see this light go up from behind a line of trees, reach quite far into the sky and curl back down a bit at the end (it almost kind of looked like how you would imagine a wizard's staff). I'm not sure how high the flash went, I don't think it was as high as planes fly but it was hard to see. It all happened so fast, but I vividly remember seeing this blue flash which looked similar to lightning. I'm pretty sure I remember one of my friends seeing it too and we talked for a bit about how weird that was. Never really talked about it again afterwards, but I still wonder what it could be...

Posted on Reddit by easthah.

Fabula part 2: Gwydion

My sister had been suffering all these years.

Right in front of me.

But I was too focused on my own life to notice.

This is my fault, as well as our parents.

I hadn't been there for her.

I wasn't the brother she needed.

My parents weren't going to fix what we'd broken.

So it was up to me now.

I had to save my sister.

Fabula part 2: Gwydion on Wattpad

Wizard Encounter

A friend from my experimental writing side project (Lets Call Him Mark) recently sustained a zygomatic fracture in an encounter with a rotating door. This happened while we were on a trip to Manchester together. I was advised to wait in a hotel nearby until he was released, which I have been doing for two days now. Thats all the necessary backstory for this. I had headed out to eat at ten yesterday, hastily hiding deep fried pizza crusts and piping hot black coffee in my satchel as I came back to the Strictly No Food In The Rooms hotel. The reception was empty, which is how Id found it the night prior, so I was not surprised and continued unabashedly into the elevator lobby. I shot up the two stories and progressed out onto my floor. As I was walking, I read prompts from another writing friend, loosely aware of my peripheral vision. Thats when I noticed something. Was it getting darker? I looked up, and sure enough, the three lights in the hallway where I stood had been debulbed. Then I saw it. From one doorway, emerged a man, roughly average height. He had a long flowing beard, that could have been grey or white in the dark and was clad in purple robes, tuniced and hooded. His hood, however, was down and he wore a pointed, purple hat. I cant remember what colour the rope tied around his waist was, but I recall that he was holding an aged sack over his shoulder and in the other hand, a striped staff that was gold and red. He proceeded across the hall, disappearing into another doorway and scaring me so badly that I dropped my phone and bag. I hoped he hadnt seen me freak out, but I was still confused as to what he was doing in getup like that. I waited a little to get my belongings, noticing the spreading puddle of coffee in the fabric of my bag. When I hurriedly passed whered hed emerged from to clean up my rucksack in my room, I noted that neither door was open. I got full body chills at the sight and wanted nothing more than to be out of that corridor. It has almost been a full day since I saw the wizard but the fear hasnt fully left me. George is still in hospital, so I have nobody to back up my story. What do I do?

Posted on Reddit by RitardandoXTREME.

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