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The Hunter's Daughter

Completed and Edited.

Safe for young readers.

Laurel witnessed it all and as a human who knows about the peace treaty, could cause the werewolves involved to be in some serious trouble.

After realising what a mistake it was to threaten one of the werewolves of the Haye's pack that she saw commit murder, it was too late, Laurel was taken against her will to meet their Alpha.

What will happen when she meets the Alpha, Damian?And what will happen when they find out that she is...The Hunter's Daughter...

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Soldiers in the forest

This is a story a aunt has told me (Dad's cousin).

When she was around 11 years old, they used to live in lavvus (similar to native american teepee) between 2 mountains, with 2 small towns also in each fjord. She is 60 years old now

She was young, and they didn't have a car to travel with. One day, her mother (my grandpa's sister) asked her if she would go down to the large marsh and cut some grass. We use to cut grass that we put into our fur shoes to keep our feet warm and dry. Those grasses found in forest marshes are the best to use.

They packed some food, took their sickles and walked down into the forest and the marsh. Their dog was also really excited to come along. They started cutting and gathered quite a lot of grass through the day. The midnight sun had started appearing, when her mother decided that it was enough.

They had packed a huge cloth piece, and tied them between 2 trees. They decided to stay there for the night. The lay under it, safe from all the blood sucking insects. The dog is also sleeping with them.

Then all of a sudden, her mother sits up. The dog also raises it's ears. She asks her what's going on. Her mother tells her to be quiet. Then she hears it. Voices. They hear voices coming from the woods. They both go outside to check. But immediatly when they go outside, it turns quiet.

They think that it was probably people fishing or drinking. They go back inside to sleep again. Then just as they are about to fall asleep, the voices are heard again, this time closer even. This time they can hear that it's a language that they don't understand. Again, they go out and check, and sure enough the voices stop.

Again they go inside to sleep. But she sees that her mother is not sleeping, so she is also vide awake. Then again, the voices are heard. They hear just 1 word, and they know what language they are speaking. That word was "Hitler". Her mother told her to stay inside with the dog, while she goes and checks. Sure enough, there is no one there.

Her mother comes inside again. She says that there is no one there. She also says that it's just the marsh that's playing with them, and that they could sleep peacefully. So my aunt does fall asleep. The next morning she wakes up, she looks at her mom. She sees that she hasn't slept the night, and has been up.

They decide to quickly pack up, and walk back home.

So in the place we have huts now, which is above the marsh and the forest, there is a small bunker close to the road. It was used in WW2 for something, and it still stands there to this day

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Due to the soft cries i heard every night coming from the snowy forest, i've installed cameras.

I saw its face as it began screaming, and then run in the direction of my house.

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I Am The Alpha (Part 12)

Erin Daniels is part of the East Forest Pack, not only that but she's the Alpha.

In a male dominant race this makes her one of a kind.

She was born with the Alpha imprint on her skin but as she grew older it changed into something the likes of which no one has ever seen.

Erin isn't your usual girl....

in fact she hates most girls.

She prefers to spend time running a muck with her Pack-mates and if anyone gets in her way they better watch out.

Erin has just come back from an exchange trip to Spain when all of a sudden the Blood Valley Alpha himself decides to go after her and will stop at nothing.

When everything falls apart and enemy packs try to destroy East Forest will Erin's strange powers be enough to save her, or will her love for her pack-mates be her downfall? Join Erin Daniels on a journey of finding herself and fighting for the ones she loves.

Delve into the world of werewolves and the ancient legends of their past.

Be captivated by unusual enemies and even stranger friendships.

Remember, not everything is what it seems.

this book is not actually completed but was marked as so to be in the runnings for the watty awards 2011.

The second part can be found on my profile.

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Something weird happened to me in forest and I still can't forget it.

This is one of the many thing I have never told to anyone before because Im pretty sure that nobody would have believed me, thinking that my imagination was just wild and still doubt that anyone is going to believe me now but I somehow do remember it happening for real.

This thing happened to me in a past when I was around 9 and I always used to hang out with my oldest cousin (he was 7 back then) as we were pretty in separated at that time before everything changed when he turned 18.

I was spending a night in my grannys house as I used to be her personal dog sitter and he decided to come hang out with me before he suggested a good idea to go into the nearest forest which was almost next to her house (we were living in a medium-sized city but the forest is almost always near buildings at some parts or areas) around 10 or 11 pm to just walk around the edge of forest since it would be foolish to go deep into the forest that late.

I nodded and told him that it would be a good idea since we were bored and feeling adventurous so we headed out and just started to walk towards the edge of the forest and having a small adventure but that didnt last even half an hour before the weird thing started to happen.

I remember when I was standing against a big tree and looking just in front of me while my cousin was near my side like 6-7 inches away from me and seemed to be searching something which is still unclear what exactly but when I was looking in front of me, I saw red eyes staring at me out of nowhere but they were far away from us and I turned towards my cousin and asked if he is seeing what I was seeing right now but he just ignored my question so I turned back to look at the eyes and they were closer than before.

I blinked few times but of course I couldnt see anything around them and they were not getting closer, I only saw trees and I turned back to him, asked the same question but he kept ignoring me so I turned one last time to look at them just to see that they were even closer and closer.

I just kept watching them, feeling a little bit afraid at this moment and I swear that they started to come towards me even when I didnt look away so I just grabbed from his hand and just ran as quickly as I could with him until we saw the street lamps. After that I have never seen or experienced the same thing ever again.

The funniest thing is that I never heard them letting out any kind of noises when approaching even if there would have been a lot of branches on the ground and it was a size of a wolfdog and this thing has been bothering me and just made me question myself like what would have happened if I didn't run away? What if I would have just stood there to find out what that thing was? Even if it has been 16 years already when it happened, it has been staying in my memories...

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The first trans-system shuttle was created in 2114, and reached the edge of our solar system in 2126.

She returned to earth empty and on autopilot in 2130, with a message that read: Stop or theyll see you.

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There's Something in the Woods - A Slenderman Fanfic (COMPLETE)

When Lindsay and her family move to a remote location in Northern Germany, things seem to be going well.

Until a strange figure appears in her life, that is.

With just herself and a loyal local boy against a supernatural being, will they be able to escape the forest alive? (This short-ish story has now been completed)

There's Something in the Woods - A Slenderman Fanfic (COMPLETE) on Wattpad

I was in the forest at night when I heard breathing noises behind me so I turned around.

To my surprise, no one was there, but a unfamiliar, distorted voice whispered into my ear, 'Go to sleep.'

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