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The early worm gets eaten by the bird.


These exceptionally strange bird stories and books could be a bit more than you bargained for. Read on, brave visitor, for more...

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Experience with trapped bird, foreshadowingOmen of near death amp; premonitory feelings

This is a story very near to my heart. I'm wondering if my experience with this bird was something others have had or if this was just specific to this event. WARNING- DOMESTIC VIOLENCE RELATED

When I was young I was having lunch at my grandmother and while we sat on the porch a bird comes darting in, makes a big circle above our heads, it looked absolutely terrified, it then started flying into this corner over and over again confused, this really caught my attention as it was very unusual.

I asked my grandmother to come look and she immediately puts her hand to her heart and says "This is not good" she tells my grandpa, who gets a long pole and a t-shirt and he is able to cover the bird and set it free, my grandmother said smt like, "poor thing it must have been horrible, it makes my heart sink" .

My grandmother really looked distressed, and later on she admitted having an overwhelming feeling of being in a life and death situation

The very next day, my father enters our home without permission and tortures and tries to murder my mother. Again the same people, me, grandfather amp; grandmother (who saved that bird the day before) save my mother, who was being brutally beaten and locked in a room. First I hear the commotion, I dash to the street and alert someone who calls my grandparents, my grandmother and grandfather come to the house by truck , my grandfather stops my father at gun point and my granny holds my mother who is then saved.

I cannot stress this enough, but I know as a fact deep deep in my heart that, the bird that flew in that day was a message about what was to come. That was one of the scariest things I had to experience and also the reason why I think there's more to the world than our eyes can see.

But I wonder if anybody has had any similar experiences with birds before or was it specific to us?

Posted on Reddit by bubblegumscent.

OstrichGreat Egret looking bird standing in Downtown San Diego

Hey just found this sub. Around - years ago I came to my moms work at Cathedral Plaza in Downtown San Diego. We parked across the street from the building before we noticed something very odd.

It was a very large white bird about ft tall just standing there without movement. I think I told my mom about the bird before she noticed it. We didnt take a photo cuz I didnt have a phone at the time and she was scared. It had a lotta white feathers. It had a straight non-curved neck and a big yellow beak.

I remember it took like steps forward before stopping again.

It really freaks me out man still. Since then Ive tried looking it up on the internet but nothing has ever come up. Nothing about it being caught or about a big bird being on the loose.

I can only imagine it escaped the San Diego zoo at Balboa but I really doubt it.

Posted on Reddit by doggibone.

[OCT] "Step right up and see the horrifying Bird-Man," the carny chortled as he ushered us into the dark tent.

Screams lashed out through the otherwise quiet night as the light shone upon the man hanging in a prone position with his ribs removed from his spine and his lungs pulled out through the opening like a pair of wings.

Posted on Reddit by RScommitted.

Lost glasses found buried in flowerbed

I've never had anything like this crazy to post before. Several months ago I lost the last pair of glasses I had. I remember the last place I had them which was in my friends car on my knee, I have to take them off in order to see my phone. So I couldn't find them after I got home. I tore my house upside-down looking for them I looked in driveway thinking maybe I still had then on my knee when I got out of car. I called my friend to look in his car. Nothing they had vanished. Flash forward to last week, my husband and I do yard work for an elderly man and we haven't been to his place to work in close to a year due to him being out of state dealing with trying to sell a house out there. We went to do his yard last week and my husband was taking and pulling weeds in one of his flowerbeds and yells for me to come and take a look at something. I get to where he is and he is holding in his hands my glasses that he had just uncovered. There's no way possible for them to have gotten there much less buried under the dirt. I've been so shook over this and would love to hear any ideas on how this could've happened

Posted on Reddit by transexualTransylvia.

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