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Neurofunk songs and albums are the perfect sonic tonic for anyone tired of life's ups and downs. Ditch your frown and free yourself with these sounds...

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I Believe by Incorporate

I Believe by Incorporate song img

Delta9 Recordings are an imprint who have capitalized on the 2019 shift from the more commercially viable types of drum bass which was infiltrating airwaves and instead focusing on the deep, dark and rolling records which have helped prop up the genre. Release after release, theyve firmly stuck by their commitment to dropping only the most cutting-edge music which falls within their remit.

For their 60th chapter they're bringing you a newcomer duo whose absolutely surprised them with some really deep and soul rollers!

Welcome in the family, Incorporate!

Incorporate isn't actually a known name in the scene but their skills and music output will allow them to climb the dnb scene fast. New entries to the Delta9 Recordings imprint, they come for four mind blowing tunes with the goal to reinforce the innovative release campaign managed by Delta9 Recordings.

The four tracks on offer here are a solid showcase of unique soundscapes, expertly engineered and packed with moody atmospherics, crunching bass growls, vocals and attacking drums. Incorporate sound perfectly resulting in some top-notch dark steppy rollers like you have never heard before.

Make sure to grab this one and play it loud!

I Believe by Incorporate

- Cormega - Born And Raised Full Album

Cormega album from 2009 featuring Havoc, KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane and more


1. Prelude (ft. Marley Marl) Intro (The 3rd Coming) 0:00

2. Girl 2:30

3. Love Your Family (ft. Havoc) 5:20

4. Get It In (ft. Lil Fame) 9:10

5. The Other Side 12:10

6. Live And Learn 15:10

7. Make It Clear 18:05

8. Journey 21:05

9. Define Yourself (ft. Tragedy Havoc) 24:10

10. What Did I Do 26:55

11. Dirty Game 29:45

12. One Purpose 33:40

13. Rapture 34:20

14. Mega Fresh X (ft. Red Alert, Parrish Smith, Grand Puba, KRS-One Big Daddy Kane) 37:10

Mixed by Erbivore

Vorrtexx Gates said: 'One of Cormega's best albums ever REAL'

bornz1 said: 'Came here after watching Drink Champs and Mega said this was his favorite album.. Fire... I missed this when it dropped!!!'

TRACKZ STASH said: 'A True Classic...Mega was on 1 mentally with this one, this is life lessons for Real Headz'

Cormega - Born And Raised Full Album by

Deadlines by Krispy

Deadlines by Krispy song img

A defining year for Delta9 Recordings, 2018 saw great improvement from this label. Delta9 Recordings has continued to drop release after release, drawing from a range of artists to build a hub within drum bass for the music which has continued to inspire countless artists and fans.

South Africas own addition, Krispy, is one of the figures who sets the tone for Delta9 Recordings in 2019. Following a few tunes on a label like The Dreamers Recordings and a huge remix for Lifestyle, hes set to drop his first destructive EP.

Deadlines EP explores Krispy and his technical ingenuity, beginning the New Year with an undeniable slab of hard-driving bass rhythms which demonstrates his penchant for sonic-driven accuracy.

Deadlines presents an A-side which is deep, rolling and unstoppable forward through rattling drum quakes and punching synthesis slicing through the mix, creating an elevated path into the records first drop. Its one which takes you to an incredible and unexpected mind-blowing drop.

Hey Bear is delivered in the same stylish fashion, whilst its grooves lie underneath a chaotic bassline. "Hey Bear" becomes more and more overbearing with its rattling weight and keep the... more

Deadlines by Krispy

Into Black EP by EMPEROR

Into Black EP by EMPEROR song img

Critical returns, upping the ante once more with the ever-talented Emperor on board. Dropping a heady mix of peak-time performance drum bass, the Into Black EP is yet another piece of essential electronic fresh from the Critical vault.

Into Black EP by EMPEROR

- E.M.M.P. - Grim Dark Future (2020) Full album. 432hz

Album is done for Glory of Chaos, is was a hard year, i have a lot of $#!#,

but anyway still do some music, a little bit hard, little bit atmospheric, some futuristic.

Why? For you all guys, Warhammer comunity will beat everything.

01. 00:00 Grim Dark FutureDrop G .170bpm. DjentIndustrial Metal

02. 05:20 With Light of AstronomicanDrop G .150bpm. AmbientMetal

03. 09:50 Hive Fleet Coming. Fall of TyranDrop G .160bpm. Dark AmbientMetal

04. 15:04 You are Just Imperial GuardsmanDrop G. 155bpm. Doom Metal

05. 19:11 XIII Crusade. Fall of CadiaDrop G. 150bpm. DrumBassMetal

06. 23:28 Soul Leave Body. Feeding of DaemonetesDrop G. 150bpm. AggrotechDark Ambient

07. 29:40 Thank You Grandpa NurgleDropG0.150bpm. SludgeIndustrial Metal

08. 34:09 DA REDZ GOEZ FASTAA flat. 170bpm. Groove Metal

09. 37:10 Tzeentchs WitchcraftDrop G. 170bpm. IndustrialGroove Metal

10. 41:21 Cryptek and Canoptek SpydersF flat. 140BPM. Industrial

11. 45:44 Necrons. Forever in the Metal CoffinA Flat. 140BPM. Industrial Metal

12. 50:00 Betrayal in the depths of CommorraghDrop G. 180bpm. DubstepMetal

13. 54:40 Symphony of TortureDrop G. 180bpm. Black metal14. 1:00:00 For the Greater GoodE flat. 175bpm. EthnoDrumBass

15. 1:03:37 Only What we Need is BASS (Bonus trackDropG0. 170bpm. PowernoiseNeurofunk

Release date: 11112020 11.11 AM UTC00.00

Used gears and programs:


Fl Studio 11: VST Synths: Omnisphere 2. Synth drumkit: Addictive drums, preset Roland 909808

Abobe Audition 1.5: Recording live instruments, mixing and mastering, equalizer pro-q, maximizer Aradaz maximizer5.


Modified Schecter traditonal, with custom 26.5 scale neck, pickup EMG81.

Tuning: ADGCEA (A Flat) some tracks GDGCEA (Drop G)

Agile 825

Tuning: DGDGCEAD (drop G)


Schecter Stiletto Custom 5.

Tuning GDGCE (drop G0) F flat, E flat.

Sound card: M-Audio 2x2

Main control: KRK RP8G4

$#!# Control: Edifier 2750

Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT990 250ohm.

Curved hands, deaf ears.


Patreon for support channel


Thanks for listening.





Tzeentch Anarchitect said: 'Discovering the Mechanicus OST and EMMP was such a mindblow. Music like this should go into 40k canon.'

elliot cutliff said: 'Where the hell has this $#!# been my whole Chaos loving life, this is truly the sound of battle in 40k.'

Random Imperial Guardsman said: 'I recently discovered your channel. And I'd like to say that you must keep up your qualified work!'

E.M.M.P. - Grim Dark Future (2020) Full album. 432hz by

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