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Dubstep is the metal of electro music.

But, did you know...

Dubstep albums can enter into the depths of your mind and soul if you let them. The ones that follow just might pull it off...

lindseystomp - Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling by lindseystomp song img

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All Hours by Anz

All Hours by Anz song img

It's 24 hours to choose your own adventure: from morning to night, into first light. Music for all hours, and music thats all ours too.

All Hours pays homage to the many faces and seminal eras of electronic music; an ambitious, evocative interpretation of the sounds and sentiments that make a day (and night) out on the UK underground.

Transporting us on a heady trip, we meet a contemplative but optimistic Anz at Decisions (AM Intro) before venturing into the effervescent afternoon sunshine of You Could Be ft. George Riley. The evening brings the sweet UKG shuffle of Real Enough To Feel Good before we step up to Inna Circle, a Motor City-via-Manchester workout engineered to get dancefloors moving. Early hours club mutations arrive courtesy of Last Before Lights, hoovering up warps, pads and kinetic breakbeats in Anz inimitable fashion. Lights on and doors open, we emerge wide eyed on Quest Select (AM Outro) with the last 24 hours ringing in our ears.

All Hours is out digitally on the 15th October on Ninja Tune, with a physical release due in November.

All Hours by Anz

- Apashe - Copter Boy (Full Album)


Get ready for lift off as Apashe rolls out his debut album Copter Boy. Within this arsenal one will encounter eleven singles, each of which is packed with enough explosive energy to blow the roof off any party. Copter Boy is presented to you by Apashe's home imprint, Kannibalen Records.

Copter Boy begins with "#$@$ Boy," a devilish downtempo production that sets the tone for the rest of the album with its dynamic soundscapes. Next comes "Bad Queens," a sassy twerk single that takes dirty to a whole new level, while "Take Off" calls for all headbangers to gather round and do what they do best. Fourth on the tracklist is the Eastern influenced hit "Kung Fu" that shares creative input from label mates Dabin and Kai Wachi, then Apashe switches styles up, showing just what he can do in the house realm with "Day Dream." "Touch Down" keeps the energy level up with a high-octane electro sound, whereas "Shimmy Shake" brings a more anthemic trapstyle vibe that transforms from beginning to end. Apashe's highly successful collaboration with RIOT on "Fire Inside" gets a funky VIP treatment next, then the Belgian born creator gets straight up nasty in "Unsafe." With the final two singles, Apashe delivers a modern take on the original "Puttin' On The Ritz" and lastly, the project comes to a close with the hip-hop canticle that roars through its minimalist cloak.

Collaborators on the project include Kandle, Gabriella Hook, Cherry Lena, Dabin, Kai Wachi, Splitbreed, Panther, 740 Boyz, RIOT, Phace, Ariane Zita, and Wasiu.


Enjoy Survive

Avruh said: 'For those who want it:

1. #$@$ Boy 0:00

2. Bad Queens 4:14

3. Take Off 8:10

4. Kung Fu 12:32

5. Day Dream 16:25

6. Touch Down 19:45

7. Jimmy Shake 24:55

8. Fire Inside 28:44

9. Unsafe 31:52

10. Puttin' On The Ritz 35:59

11. The Landing 40:08'

jelena said: 'It's so good. There's just something about Apashe, every song he releases is #$@$ing amazing.'

Mathieu Tristan said: 'I'm a bit late but I see no Tracklist in the comments, so here it is:

0:00 - 4:12 (Apashe Feat. Kandle - Fck Boy)

4:12 - 8:10 (Apashe Feat. Gabriella Hook - Bad Queens)

8:10 - 12:33 (Apashe Feat. Cherry Lena - Take Off)

12:33 - 16:25 (Apashe x Dabin x Kai Wachi - Kung Fu)

16:25 - 19:43 (Apashe Feat. Splitbreed - Day Dream)

19:43 - 24:55 (Apashe Feat. Panther - Touch Down)

24:55 - 28:39 (Apashe Feat. 740 Boyz Dose - Jimmy Shake)

28:39 - 31:50 (Apashe Feat. RIOT - Fire Inside(Funky VIP))

31:50 - 35:57 (Apashe x Phace - Unsafe)

35:57 - 40:07 (Apashe Feat. Ariane Zita - Puttin on the Ritz)

40:07 - 44:16 (Apashe Feat. Wasiu - The Landing)

Hope it helps !'

Apashe - Copter Boy (Full Album) by


GAZEBO by INVT song img

GAZEBO: 9 tracks exploring the connection between Dembow, Garage, Minimal, Dubstep, and Kuduro

All tracks WPMixed Mastered by INVT

Recorded in 2022

Artwork by INVT


Datsik - Datsik - Let It Burn LP

Datsik Datsik - Let It Burn LP song img


New sounds from my 'Let it Burn LP' out officially on Sept. 24th, 2013.

FREE DOWNLOAD. See link above! Please share with your friends :)


Datsik - Let It Burn LP by Datsik

Opus - Voice Mystic State remix by Opus & Mystic State

Opus - Voice  Mystic State remix by Opus & Mystic State song img

Dropping this little digital-only single in anticipation of the big DUPLOC WAR DUBS 2 album dropping April 2022

Large up Mystic State for this incredible flip. Of course, out to Opus as well for the sweet original.

Opus - Voice Mystic State remix by Opus & Mystic State

Datsik - Sensei EP

Datsik Sensei EP song img

Sensei EP available now! smarturl.itSenseiEP


visit WWW.NINJANATIONTOUR.COM for eventticket details

Follow Datsik






Sensei EP by Datsik

- Skrillex Greatest Hits Full Album 2021 Best Of Skrillex2021

Skrillex Greatest Hits Full Album 2021 Best Of Skrillex2021

Carol Walts said: 'Gotta say I'm a 44 yr old mom of three pretty amazing kids and I didn't mean to be considered but I'm known amongst my kids friends and even some of their parents as well as "the mom" I genuinely love this music and the fact that so many so called kids have come to me for advice on life just because of loving this music and the ability to reach younger souls thru an entirely not old soul yet has been absolutely amazing and I couldn't be happier Loving your music and being able to teach thru you in a sense of common love despite age, 44 years in love with your music and message out to bringing the young into the Skrillex realm of peace love n music combines hearts of all ages '

2-06-33하ėžŽė˜ said: 'nice mix'

Qolayah Shekina said: 'Love this'

Skrillex Greatest Hits Full Album 2021 Best Of Skrillex2021 by

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